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Want to buy unique cookie cutters

Just wondering if anyone could suggest a good place to buy interesting and unique cookie cutters in Midtown. I'm not looking for anything specific, just starting a cookie cutter collection! Thanks!

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  1. You might want to try New York Cake & Baking Supply. My other suggestion would have been Bridge Kitchenware, but they've moved to New Jersey (available on line though).

    1. Are you looking for antiques or just a variety of shapes? New York Cake & Baking Supply has a few of the former for shortbread cookies, for instance. But their prices are breathtaking. I don't find their general cookie cutter selection anywhere near as good as what you can find online. In fact, I really don't think brick and mortar stores, at least in Manhattan, can compare with online stores for a product like this. Too much space, too much inventory, for too little return. I really do think you'd be best off at yard and "antique" sales and on the internet.

      1. http://www.broadwaypanhandler.com/bro...

        Beautiful store @ 65 E. 8th Street
        I was there last Sunday and admired an entire wall of cookie cutters.

          1. Midtown isn't really the place to go for cookie cutters. My best suggestions would be Broadway Panhandler on E.8th st off Broadway, or Sur La Table in Soho on Spring and Crosby.

            NY Cake and Baking is on W 22nd off 6th Ave.

            ETA I hope you found them in the 4 years since this was posted. (Facepalm)

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              And OP hasn't posted since 2009! So... you know.... she may not get this information. Or even live in NYC.

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                I really hate when these old posts pop up, makes me feel like an idiot LOL.

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                  Well, you do LUV cookies! So it makes sense you'd post on this thread specifically.

                  (BTW, you didn't resurrect it; one above you did. So....)

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                    Appreciate the info, guys! Already long ago found great ones at NY Cake Supply and Broadway Panhandler, but I appreciate the suggestions. And yes, I do still live in Manhattan :)

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                      Yay! Still in NYC and still on CH! Thanks for chiming in about your cookie cutters. Very sweet.

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                      HA! And that person's thread went POOF!

                      Yep, cookies are a weakness of mine :)

              2. Troll your local thrift stores. It may take a while but eventually you'll get lucky. You'd be surprised at what interesting kitchen gadgets turn up there but you have to be persistent. And the prices can't beat.