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Aug 8, 2008 02:55 PM


Last week, I was in Buffalo, NY stopped by a farmers market on Elmwood and Bidwell. There was a vendor selling yogurt and other dairy products which was very busy, so I tried a yogurt- the best I have ever eaten!! I went to the web site (White cow Dairy), and discoverd it is sold at Murrays Cheese in NYC!!!! Went , and they have the yogurt! It is amazing!.

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  1. have you ever tried ronnybrook farm? also difficult to find but very good

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    1. re: rich51

      you can purchase Ronnybrook Farm yogurt on Sundays at the Tompkins Square Green Market--7 to 9th Streets & Avenue A

      1. re: marlie202

        Yes, and Saturdays at Union Square and Fridays on the UWS (Columbus & 97th). I love Ronnybrook's yogurt. I buy the plain. But I have to say that I thought the vanilla was very odd tasting.

        1. re: LNG212

          Ronnybrook has a retail outlet in the Chelsea Market that is open seven days a week.

    2. New Pond Farm in Redding Connecticut is excellent and a great visit to bring kids to. A very clean nice farm that makes the yogurt right there. I believe they have a website too! I always crave their yogurt.