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Aug 8, 2008 02:37 PM

Any ideas where I can find screwpine/ pandan ?


I run out of pandan/screwpine paste and wonder where in TO I can find them. Any suggestion? I'd love to get hold of the leaves if possible at all. But essence or paste will do.

Thanks much!!

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  1. You can buy it in a 60 ml plastic bottle or the frozen leaves from Lone Tai at Kennedy and Lawrence east in Scarborough. the paste is located in the filipino items aisle at the end and the leaves are in the open freezer section close to all the filipino frozen vegetables. I know they run out of the paste every once in a while so you might have better luck with the leaves. Hope this helps.

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      Thanks squingy!

      Unfortunately, we don't go up to Scarborough that often. But it's always good to know some alternative places :)