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First time cooking FLANK STEAK tommorrow! Suggestions/Tips?

I plan on making a flank steak tommorrow afternoon at my friends place, im pretty sure he has a gas grill (is that an issue).. so what kind of marinade should i use? i would like a suggestion on a pre made marinade to use for it... i dont feel like making my own this time.. also tips on grilling, beating the meat or not, and anything else is greatly appreciated!!!


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  1. don't overcook it and slice against the grain.

    1. Grill on high heat, about 4 minutes each side. Aim for medium rare

      To get the most out of a marinade, score the meat with approx. 1/8 inch cuts. Marinade in a plastic bag for at least 2 hours (overnight if you can).

      If you're really lazy, use a quality commercial Italian salad dressing as a marinade.

      (By the way, FloridaE46 .. you drive a Bimmer?)

      1. jfood cooks flanks on the gas grill all the time, not to worry.

        The issue with flank is the different thickness at one end versus the other, there will be a wide range of doneness. As far as bottled marinades, if you have access to Soy-vay products, try the Wasabiyaki.

        And for doneness since every grill is different jfood would also recommend a thermometer. start with ~5 minutes pers ide and then use the instant read to get the temp at t he thicker end. Shoot for Med-rare ~130-135 degrees. Then rest and slice against the grain.

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          Jfood, I am not the biggest fan of flank steak, but I think the most important part of your response was "rest!" Flank steak cut to soon is tougher than shoe leather. We all know that all meats cook while they are resting, but I've found that the resting aspect when it comes to flank is essential. It also allows the skin at the end to get a little bit of a crust, which even though I like all my beef rare/medium rare, it is delicious nice and well and crispy.

        2. This recipe for flank steak with chimichurri turned out fabulously for me this weekend!


          1. And don't beat or pound the flank steak!

            1. I know, I know, you don't feel like making your own marinade, but I'll brashly suggest my recipe for flank marinade:
              1/3C olive oil
              1/3C soy sauce
              TBL rosemary
              TBL thyme
              TBL pepper
              TBL garlic powder
              2 TBL tomato paste
              TBL brown sugar
              Its likely you have these ingredients, mix, and place in bag with steak.

              OK, you want to go with pre-made. I agree with BW, an Italian dressing would do.
              I also agree with al the posters here: cutting across the grain VERY important, resting the meat (maybe tent with foil while resting), quite important, and no need for beating your meat. If you marinate overnight, you'll get a more tender steak.

              1. Slice the raw flank steak across the grain into 1" strips. Or butterfly the flanksteak first for longer strips.

                Marinade (a few hours or preferably overnight) in a combination of red wine, soy sauce, garlic powder, olive oil, kosher salt and fresh pepper (and perhaps a few squirts of Chipotle tabasco to add an "opinion").

                Lay slices of good bacon that match the length on the meat and roll to make a "pinwheel" of flank steak and bacon. Stab with 2 toothpicks to keep the pinwheel rolled (like a cinnamon bun).

                Grill till medium rare...don't forget to remove the toothpicks when eating.

                1. When people are suggesting to slice against the grain- that's important! I also think it works best when it the flank steak is sliced at an angle and cut very thin.

                  1. Agree with everything here. My husband didn't slice against the grain one time and it was like chewing rubber. Five minutes per bite. When guests were over for dinner. Not one of my entertaining high points.

                    The other thing I would add about it being thicker and fatter at one end -- if you don't care about presenting one big piece of meat, cut it in half before grilling so you can pull the skinny end off before the fatter end.

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                      The marinade is so easy and so much better than prepared. Mine is similar to Porker's. 1 cup soy sauce, 1 cup red wine, 3TBS brown sugar and 2 TBS Cajun seasoning. Marinate in a ziplock bag overnight and grill over hot coals, about 5 minutes per side. Rest the meat and slice very thinly, against the grain. My family loves flank steak prepared like this and served over salad with blue cheese dressing.

                    2. I don't use bottled marinades so no suggestions from me. But there are some mighty fine cooks advising you that way so I would trust there expertise with a bottled marinade.

                      Marinade the meat, overnight or at least 4 to 6 hours. Whatever marinade that you choose, add some fresh lemon or lime juice you need an acid to help tenderize the meat.
                      Dry it off. Paint lightly with olive oil, then use a light dry rub seasoning to the meat right before cooking. It can be garlic powder,sea salt, pepper, sumac, cumin, onion powder, paprika.... any one of or all.

                      Grill time depends on the thickness of the meat, use your thermometer, you want to pull it off towards the rare side, so 5 minutes per side is about right. cover and let it rest. Then slice thin slices on the diagonal, against the grain. Cover the meat.

                      1. We marinate our flank steak at least 24 hours, the best is about 72 hours in teriyaki, soy sauce, assorted herbs and spices and olive oil.

                        The longer the better. Sear it on high, aim for medium rare, and LET IT REST!!!

                        cut against the grain too =P