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Aug 8, 2008 01:56 PM

cooking with okra

Does anyone have a good way to cook okra without it being slimy and without frying or breading it?

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  1. do it Middle Eastern style. small pods work better for this.

    sautee in olive oil until tender, toss in some chopped garlic, add tomato juice, a big squeeze of lemon juice, S&P, some fresh chopped parsley and a pinch of cumin. Stir up and serve over cous cous or rice. Add toasted pine nuts on the top for garnish, if you want. delish!

    1. Soup. Slice okra and add to vegetable soup. It gives a nice consistency. Or, saute some bacon and onion, add the sliced okra, then enough chicken stock to make a soup, then just at the end, some shrimp and a little cooked rice. Add hot sauce to taste.

      1. We cut them up and coat with a flour mix seasoned with salt, pepper and some red pepper and then fry in shallow oil until crispy.

        1. I remember having okra in a salad at a Burmese restaurant once that I thought was good. It was very similar to a green papaya salad but with steamed, chilled okra pods.

          1. Pickled okra is really good, and has very little if any of that gluey slimy characteristic. I've had several commercial brands of it, and homemade as well. You could do it as a sour pickle, a brined dill, or done like bread-and-butter pickles. The little ones are awfully cute in a martini...