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Aug 8, 2008 01:47 PM

If only one dinner in Santa Fe...

If you had only one night in Santa Fe, where would you go for dinner?

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  1. the history is at La Fonda Hotel -- long a local, and lately a celebrity favorite, this place captures a by-gone era. Good margaritas [and wonderful food] too. Wonderful location - across from the cathedral/park - lots of shopping nearby. Don't miss Cafe Pasqual's for breakfast [next morning?] 121 Don Gaspar Ave, there'll be a line -- and it's worth the wait. Great food, 'Telluride/mountain town' feel, the community table is a blast - make friends and influence people. There's so many here... we haven't had a poor meal in 4 visits [some over long weekends].

    1. Thank you, kenazcc.

      Cafe Pasqual's is my husband's favorite. We go there the first night each time we are in SF. The last two times I thought it was slipping, but haven't the heart to tell my husband.

      Our last trip we had a great time at Coyote Cafe, but I have been reading some negative reports on another forum.

      We have been to Ristra, Bistro 315, Amavi, Santacafe (two bad experiences; never never again), Tulip, La Plazuela, Harry's Roadhouse, El Meson, Geronimo's, The shed, Inn of the Anasazi before Martin Rios left; probably am forgetting some. With the exception of Santacafe, all of these were fine but not fabulous. The only one I would like to go back to is El Meson, but I would rather try something new.

      Have never been to the Compound; the menus just doesn't appeal for the price point.

      I was just curious as to other's opinions of 'the ultimate."

      There seems to be a lot of inconsistency among this level of restaurant in Santa Fe.

      On the other hand, we always find Bumble Bee excellent and fun! That's the other must-go place in SF.

      Thank you again for your post.

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        You seem to have eaten at most of the obvious high end places and if you didn't think Geronimo was great, I don't know what to suggest. For the high end, maybe you are the beat me/whip me/thrill me type who would like Tratoria Nostrani, not that I would suggest it. I agree with you that Bumble Bee is excellent and fun, for a "go any time" place and Cafe Pasqual provides a unique experience, as posted. But if the big guys aren't knocking your socks off, go have a green chile burger at Bocat Bite. Now that is a Santa Fe experience you will never forget.

      2. For a two-fisted burger on an english muffin with killer sweet relish, buffalo nachos, amazing fried chicken, excellent cocktails, and a laid-back atmosphere with skill in the kitchen, I highly recommend The Dragon Room, the more casual half of the Pink Adobe.

        1. I have not qualms with the other recs. here. However, one really nice resaturant, that has not gotten mention is O'Keefe's. Small, but great food and service. I'd place it very high on the list - higher than Old House and some others.


          1. It's not much on decor -- your basic white tablecloths in a storefront -- but La Boca is unbelievably good food. If I only had one dinner, I would go there, but if you are intent on a southwestern experience, it's not that.

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              2nd the La Boca recommendation - probably some of the most interesting high end food in SF. I have heard good things about the new chef (that would be the former Geronimo chef Eric DiStefano) and his food at Coyote Cafe.