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Company Lunch in Scarborough HELP!!

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I am planning a farewell lunch for a co-worker who is re-locating to a new country. Any suggestions???

Company location: Danforth Ave / Birchmount

Number of people: 15-20

Price: Average

Thank you!

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  1. Our company went to the Bluffs Marina recently. They have two restaurants there. Dogfish Pub and Bluffer's restaurant. The food is nothing special but they have a nice patio with a great view of the lake.

    1. Bluffer's would be an interesting venue for a group dinner for sure.

      If you're thinking of heading out in that directon, Vincent's Spot on Kingston near Midland is a nice family-operated old-school Italian restaurant with good food. It's pretty small so you'd have to book ahead. Well, with a group that size you'd have to make reservations anywhere. Click on the place link to find threads/comments on Vincent's.

      7 Brimley Rd, Toronto, ON M1M, CA

      Vincent's Spot
      2496 Kingston Rd, Toronto, ON M1N1V3, CA