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Aug 8, 2008 01:37 PM

Does anyone "put up" nectarines?

Our nectarine tree has finally grown old enough to yield more than one or two fruits per season - and tomorrow is harvest day! Does anyone out there have any ideas of how to best preserve them? My old cookbooks, generally have great sections on preserving, but don't even mention this fruit. I'm open to canning, freezing, making jams, butter etc.

I could wing this, but my biggest questions would be: 1. The acidity of the fruit and 2. The natural pectin content.

Thanks !

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  1. I am reading my Bernardin canning book and it treats nectarines as you would peaches - but do not peal. For canned fruit, put it into a colour protection solution upon slicing. They use both a dry pack and hot pack method. No mention of adding acid (lemon juice) so they must be acidic enough.

    There is no recipe for jam or jelly. But again, I would use as peaches. I don't think there is much natural pectin in either but you could mix with crabapples for the pectin.

    1. A couple weeks ago, I froze some sliced nectarines and then later made them into a smoothie - it was awesome!!

      1. As said, treat them just like peaches. As one site said, a nectarine is just a fuzzless peach. Use any peach recipe for nectarines. No changes necessary.

        There are a lot of nectarine recipes on the web.

        How to freeze:

        Excellent info on drying fruit with chart at end

        Nectarine butter

        Nectarine spread with links to food preserving websites

        Canning nectarines

        Nectarine chutney

        Nectarine crockpot salsa

        Nectarine Preserves with Basil (a good combo ... rosemary works well too

        Nectarine and rose geranium jam

        Nectarine granita

        Nectarine Ice Cream

        Nectarine Mustard

        Here's a site with 85 nectarine recipes that includes Nectarine-orange marmelade, nectarine vinegar, nectarine-raspberry ice, apricot-nectarine spoon marmelade, canned nectarines (nectarine cold pack) etc

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          Wow, thank you! Great links. I've yet to explore them all, but I can see a nectarine-blackberry cobbler in my near future. Off to pick....