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Aug 8, 2008 01:36 PM

Best Mexican Food in Minneapolis?

I'm addicted to Mexican Food, but live deep in New England and it's rare that I can find decent carnitas or chili verde where I live. I have to go to Minneapolis in a few weeks for business; and I've got a hankerin' for some serious Mexican food. Anyone know of some good Mexican joints?

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  1. Welcome.

    First, forget about chili verde. Not at all a specialty here. You'll find few, if any places that even serve it, nor people that know about it.

    As for the rest, do a Midwest board search on any of the following terms and you'll get just about all of the good places in Minneapolis for Mexican:

    Taqueria La Hacienda
    Mercado Central
    Los Ocampos
    Pancho Villa
    Salsa a la Salsa
    Midtown Global Market
    Gorditas el Gordo

    You might hear about El Burrito Mercado as well, which is excellent (especially for carnitas), but is 20 miles away from downtown Minneapolis.

    If I had to send someone to one place, it would be the Mercado Central. There are a handful of stalls that will satisfy almost any craving you have. Don't miss La Loma for tamales.

    1. As far as Chile Verde is concerned, I think of that as much more Sowthwestern/Tex-Mex; Salsa Verde is another story, and all Mexican restaurants will have it.

      I would put my vote in for La Poblanita on Lake Street; very authentic and mostly overlooked.

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        Tell me more about La Poblanita. I've driven past it a hundred times, but haven't stopped. What's their speciality? Do they serve alcohol?

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          Jeremy Igger's has a nice review on it; yes, they have beer and wine. They also have a great lunch buffet, but don't go by the menu listings they have on their website...

      2. I am especially pleased with the seafood offerings from La Sirena Gorda ("the plump mermaid" :-) at Midtown Global Market. Last time I was there, I had some marvellous fish tacos, topped with a spicy green sauce was especially wonderful. Whatever the daily fish special is, go for it - it's bound to be good.

        I love the Tacos Al Pastor from Los Ocampo or La Hacienda, too.

        And I had a WONDERFUL meal at Manana in E. St. Paul. They're mostly Salvadoran, not Mexican, but definitely worth a visit.

        And don't get me started about all our Mexican bakeries... Did you know that we have dozens? Ya just gotta try a few. I can't really recommend one over another, though I'm quite fond of Don Pancho's at 140 Cesar Chavez Ave in St. Paul.

        You'll see them near clusters of Mexican restaurants (or google panaderia and "twin cities"...).


        1. It's kind of out of the way, but there are some awesome places up on North Central Ave. En El has great authentic tacos and stuff. It helps if you know Spanish, though...

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            there is a tiny mexican bakery-- durango bakery-- on central that has the best tres leche cake in town, i swear! you can buy it in small or medium size, or a full sheet pan, or you can pick up one portion from the cooler to go. the restaurant right next door to it has good lengua.

            i hesitate to rec the carnitas alambres at los ocampos to anyone who does not have good heart health-- but if the op likes carnitas, and wants to splurge (calorically-- not financially--it's cheap!)-- holy great pig in the sky---fantastic!!!!

          2. And if you're stuck out by the airport there's a place on Portland Ave called La Mixteca.

            Really good seafood soups (caldos) and pretty tasty huaraches and tortas. I usually just get a taco, though (shame on me).

            Mixteca La
            7822 Portland Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55420