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Aug 8, 2008 01:31 PM

Westville East -- What's the hype?

I just ate and Westville East, and everything was fine. But that's it. It was...just...fine. Why are people spilling out the sides of this place? I got the steak sandwich, which was, again, basically fine. But it was pretty small, and I left, no lie, hungrier than when I went in. My wife's salmon sandwich was also, you guessed it, fine. But then, salmon is pretty hard to mess up (that's why it's on so many menus). Actually, I'll admit, the dressing on the salad was pretty good. But there was only one waitress, so service was a little slow. And fifteen minutes after we'd asked some sort of floor manager for our check, he chastised her for not reading his mind and knowing to bring it. But the kicker? When a bar drink spilled a little down the side of a glass, I watched him take a towel from the same pile used to clean the tables and wipe the glass clear up to the lip. I then watched that glass get delivered to a guest who drank from it, none the wiser. -- So again, what's the hype about? Am I missing something? There's nothing on the menu that anyone with a two-burner stove couldn't make at home. The food and prices are good, but not great. And given what I saw with the glass, I can't imagine ever eating there again.

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  1. We ate there recently as well and it was mediocre at best. They brought me the wrong burger and when they corrected it, it wasn't cooked properly.

    We passed it the other night after having dinner at The Redhead and my husband actually commented that is wasn't very good.

    I'd still try the one in the West Village I suppose. Maybe it's better?

    1. Hmm... I'm not sure I see a lot of hype about it. I've been the Westville west a few times. It's a cute neighborhood place w/well-priced, fresh food. I'm not sure I've seen anyone claim it's much more.

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        I agree with Lucia... Westville really isnt about hype. Its a place where you go to grab quick, reasonably-priced, tasty food. Its not someplace that I'd imagine going out of my way for, but it excels in providing tasty comfort food, utilizing fresh ingredients. I cant really sympathize with your service complaints since the staff there has always been exceptionally friendly and attentive, in my experience.

        As for the East vs West debate... I believe the menus are the same, and if anything, I like the East side location, since its got a more open seating plan.

        1. My favorite burger in the EV. Great corn-on-the-cob at the moment.

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          1. re: D...DF

            Great turkey burger also. I would never order a turkey burger at a restaurant except I always order one there.

          2. I live around the corner from Westville and am continuously amazed by this restaurant's popularity.

            The food is generally incredibly bland and carelessly cooked - gloppy vegetables, half-assed sandwiches, burgers, etc. There is obviously something about the place that appeals to people though - the menu is slightly unusual in that it features a lot of vegetable side dishes which can be offered as combos and these seem to be popular. Perhaps people think they are eating healthily by choosing these, but honestly, canned mushrooms sauteed in copious amounts of corn oil or sweet potatoes laced with spoonfuls of sugar isn't really that good for you. Most of the items on the menu are the kind of thing just about any barely competent home cook could put together at home in about half an hour with far superior results.

            Overall I'd have to say that the place is indicative of the culinary standards of a lot of the midwesterners who have migrated to the hip east village in recent years. Call me a meanie, but there you have it!

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            1. re: lankyFool

              OK, maybe "hype" wasn't the most accurate word. I'll revise it to "popular," which certainly fits. The place invariably has a wait during lunch and dinner hours, and is full, or close to it, in the midafternoons. Regarding some favorite items mentioned, these are things you can make at home so easily. For the price of one corn on the cob at Westville East, for example, you can buy six at the grocery store and boil them yourself, then add butter and salt to taste. And for burgers, whether beef or turkey, just add a little Worchestershire sauce and onion powder to the meat, and you're set. I think I mostly agree with lankyFool in that this place strikes a chord with the culinary standards of middle America--all the comforts of basic home cooking without actually cooking at home. Maybe I'm just a grumpy old man who doesn't get a generation who'd spend $300 on a pair of used jeans and as much on food in a day as I spend in a week, but then live with four roommates in a one-bedroom sixth-floor walkup.