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Aug 8, 2008 12:45 PM

Entertaining LA fashionistas in Philly..

I am planning a dinner next month for a group of fashion industry folks from LA, atmosphere is number 1 food would be number 2. Price not an issue and our group is staying at the Sofitel.
Being from LA as well all I know of is Buddakan, but that's the extent of my knowledge.
Also will probably looking for swank lounge type places after dinner.

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  1. The Sofitel is a great place to stay. It's contemporary, low-key, and very comfortable. If atmosphere comes before food, you should also consider any of the other Steven Starr restaurants such as Alma de Cuba (about two blocks from the Sofitel) or Tangerine, or even El Vez. Although I have not been there yet, Distrito just opened, and seems to come to mind as a good choice too.

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      Tinto is right around the corner from them as well. I would go there before a Steven Starr place.

    2. Any of the Garces or Starr restauarants should suffice.

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        I agree, and in particular I visited Garces' new place, Distrito, over the weekend and I think it fits the bill perfectly for this. I think I like the food better at Distrito than either Tinto or Amada, and the atmosphere is definitely fun. It's a little far from the Sofitel, in University City.

      2. I would say Buddakan is a must for your group. In terms of atmosphere and the Garces' places, I think Distrito is more fun, young.
        In terms of a swank lounge for after dinner there is a (relatively) new place called G that is right across from your hotel - I'm not sure if they serve food, and I haven't been but I know it's where the celebrities hit up now when they come through town.

        1. Two places that I've been and loved are:


          Hope this helps!