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Aug 8, 2008 12:45 PM

Entertaining LA fashionistas in Philly..

I am planning a dinner next month for a group of fashion industry folks from LA, atmosphere is number 1 food would be number 2. Price not an issue and our group is staying at the Sofitel.
Being from LA as well all I know of is Buddakan, but that's the extent of my knowledge.
Also will probably looking for swank lounge type places after dinner.

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  1. The Sofitel is a great place to stay. It's contemporary, low-key, and very comfortable. If atmosphere comes before food, you should also consider any of the other Steven Starr restaurants http://www.starr-restaurant.com/ such as Alma de Cuba (about two blocks from the Sofitel) or Tangerine, or even El Vez. Although I have not been there yet, Distrito http://grg-mgmt.com/distritorestauran... just opened, and seems to come to mind as a good choice too.

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      Tinto is right around the corner from them as well. I would go there before a Steven Starr place.

    2. Any of the Garces or Starr restauarants should suffice.

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        I agree, and in particular I visited Garces' new place, Distrito, over the weekend and I think it fits the bill perfectly for this. I think I like the food better at Distrito than either Tinto or Amada, and the atmosphere is definitely fun. It's a little far from the Sofitel, in University City.

      2. I would say Buddakan is a must for your group. In terms of atmosphere and the Garces' places, I think Distrito is more fun, young.
        In terms of a swank lounge for after dinner there is a (relatively) new place called G that is right across from your hotel - http://www.thebestlounge.com/. I'm not sure if they serve food, and I haven't been but I know it's where the celebrities hit up now when they come through town.

        1. Two places that I've been and loved are:

          Pod http://www.podrestaurant.com/
          Tequilas http://www.tequilasphilly.com/index.htm

          Hope this helps!