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Aug 8, 2008 12:35 PM

Private Dinning for 20 in Minneapolis

I am looking for a venue with a private dinning area in Minneapolis for 20 people during the week. I need some space as so many restaurants private rooms are tight.

Cost around $65 to $80 per person.


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  1. Create Catering, in NE Minneapolis. Easy for them to hit that cost point, great ambience, amazing food. I had my birthday party there this year, and people are still talking about it.

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      How many people did you have for the event?

      1. re: wineglas

        I had about 40, so we had four round tables. They have a single table made from a fallen tree on their farm that I think seats maybe 14-16; otherwise they set up multiple tables.

    2. Not in minneapolis but highly recommended & only a short drive - the wine room at I nonni. Excellent food and a great setting.....

      I Nonni
      981 sibley memorial hwy, Lilydale, MN 55118

      1. jax cafe in northeast minneapolis has several private rooms for different sized parties. price point is about right. jax is very venerable, celebrating its 75th year of biz this year-- so the menu is quite old-school, but charming. good service.

        i don't know if this will be during the rep. natl. convention, if so, it might be tough to get a private space anywhere, so i'll also throw out these suggestions: jp's american bistro (basement room), one of the private spaces at w.a. frost (st. paul). there are upstairs areas at 112 eatery and restaurant alma, which could theoretically be reserved for a large party, but they might be noisy from the restaurants below, so are perhaps unsuitable-- only an idea.

        1. Three suggestions in Saint Paul.

          Mancini's Char house in Saint Paul, Old style steak house on West 7th, great with large groups, food is good, nothing fancy or unusual, just good and they often bring out extra apps or deserts (on the house) for large party's. Also a neat atmosphere, you can picture a mob boss in one of the round booth's in the corner.

          Forepaugh's is the opposite of Mancini's. It just reopened under new ownership, remodeled with a new Chef and menu. It's close to Mancini's located in a Victorian Mansion and there are several rooms that would accommodate 20. The new menu is innovative and delicious (the third floor is also rumored to be haunted)

          WA Frost - not much to say, St Paul tradition, great atmosphere, good food, several options for party of 20.

          My pick out of the 3 would be Forepaugh's, my wife and I were there last week with a two other couples and the food was great.

          whatever you end up doing, have a good time!

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            W.A. Frost & Co
            374 Selby Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102

            276 South Exchange Street, St. Paul, MN 55102

          2. Cafe Lurcat has, I believe, a private room above their bar as well as a closed off room in between their dining room and bar.