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Aug 8, 2008 12:33 PM

Buffalo Chicken in RI ?

Where can I get some good, hot, spicy boneless buffalo chicken in RI? And I mean HOT and spicy, NOT salty and soggy. A lot of places just put sauce with a ton of salt. Not looking for chinese or mexican style either.

And preferably somewhere where I can just order and pick up... not have to sit in a restaurant to order.

I think the best I've had that actually made my nose run and eyes tear was at that baseball/sports restaurant at Foxwoods..and I don't feel like going all the way up there.

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  1. Bump. No suggestions at all?

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    1. re: no0b

      I thought I had posted, but don't see it anywhere...

      My favorite is Sax's in East Providence. They have a separate takeout counter and sitdown locations. I *think* though that they use Frank's Red Hot Sauce... I thought I saw a large vat of it in the kitchen...

      Jake's in the Jewelry District does good buffalo chicken as well. I've also heard good things about East Ave Cafe's, but haven't tried it.

      1. re: Garris

        "I *think* though that they use Frank's Red Hot Sauce."

        If they didn't, it wouldn't really be Buffalo. I know lots of places vary the recipe, but the traditional sauce is nothing but Frank's and margarine (or butter). While it's perfectly reasonable to perk up that base with other additions (hotter hot sauces, vinegar, etc), Frank's is a must.

        I like making wings at home, but I'm dying to try Wendell's.

        1. re: celeriac

          What is Wendell's? The pub in Boston?

            1. re: Bluebird

              i can attest to Wendell's greatness. Used to work in Taunton, and we would go a few times a month. Service is absolutely awful but the wings and fries are great. 3.5s, fries and blue cheese are the standard order.

        2. re: Garris

          Oh, and by the way, I just remembered that I've had the wings at Jakes, and they ARE quite good. Probably the best I've had in Providence, although I remember thinking that they actually didn't taste like they were made with Frank's. Ha! I liked them mostly because they were nicely crispy, and the folks who work there are very sweet.

          1. re: celeriac

            I just read on the boards that Jakes is closed for some renovations for a while... Hope it reopens!!

      2. Not in RI, but nearby is Wendell's Pub in Norton, MA. I believe they have takeout.

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        1. re: Bluebird

          Not Buffalo, but Wings of Fire at Mr. Taco in W. Warwick are HOT and tasty as well as the spicey wings at Richards pub in East Greenwich, they have their own sauce and spice mixture and they smother them with HOT pepper rings, really good, set your mouth on fire.

        2. phat wings on broad street in providence has the best buffalo wings ive had in providence so far, and their boneless version is great too! perfectly fried, evenly sauced, and friendly service