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Aug 8, 2008 12:12 PM


Thanks for all the help on my previous thread about my NY trip.In going over all the suggestions i realized I have left out my wife and friends favorite food Schweinhaxen.Ive looked at the menus from Rolfs,Blaue Ganse,Wolfgangs,Wallese and cant find it.Do you guys know of a place in NY that serves it??Thanks--bob

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  1. Heidelberg on the UES (great restaurant, btw, though I have never had the dish there)

    I have had this in Germany and it's wonderful if you know how to tackle the thing :-) Proust!

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      thanks--there are mixed reviews in Chowhound on Heidelberg--but if they have it Id give it a try.Ive had it in Munich several times, also here in Atlanta at Kurts,and just last month in SF.Its hard to make and eat,but worth it--thanks

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        piegirl----thnaks for the suggestion of Heidleberg--the shweinhaxe was very good--it was served on a share platter with smoked pork,spaetzle,potatoe pancakes, and a wurst.It was Octoberfest and we all had a great time--I posted a trip report but wanted to thank you

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          I saw your trip report! And thanks for the reply - Im so glad it worked out. I have to head back there sometime for potato cakes. Yum!

      2. schweinhaxen was jfood's favorite dish in duesseldorf when he travelled there many years ago, especially in this little pub a few blocks from the holiday inn where they brewed the beer in the basement. he would be very nervous eating such a great dish in nyc though, but heck if you find a good one please let us know. and dont forget the red cabbage and potatoes.

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          jfood --the meal was excellent,including the red cabbage--to me it was as good as Ive had in Munich

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            My husband and I are going to give it a try again in the next week - thanks again for posting about it.