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Aug 8, 2008 11:56 AM

Current 2-fer deals in Orlando?

Someone was telling me recently that a lot of local restaurants are having "2-fer" deals to generate some business, ...whereas you get a meal for 2 people for one price. Usually I don't mind paying good money for a good meal, however lately money has been a bit tight, but I still want to go out for a nice dinner. Can anyone help me by listing the current "2-fer" deals that you know about?

The only ones I know about so far are:

Mortons - $99/2 - Went there 2 weeks ago
Antonios - $/2

Any others? Thanks!

P.S. Looking in Orlando area. Thanks

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  1. You have to find those through ads, etc., and I can't help you, although I may have received an e-mail from The Palm. But, in September, it's Orlando Magical Dining Month, where at least three dozen restaurants, many of them our best, will offer prix fixe meals for $19 or $29, depending on the level of eatery.

    1. The Orlando Sentinel and Clear Channel radio stations have the deals where you can buy certificates ($50 for $25) to various restaurants that have bought (actually its bartered) with them. Go to their websites and check the deals section. It works well and quite a few nice restaurants are doing it. I bought certificates for Normans and then I go to Normans and they have a special locals menu (3 course fixed for $57) so when combined it works very well.

      Carraba's has 2 for 1 alcohol before 7 pm and they also have a diners card that you can sign up for that has a different monthly special (this month its a free small appetizer, no other purchase required).

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        I just bought a bunch of those gift certificates through clear channel. Goign to the funky monkey tongiht

      2. Check out Ruth's Chris's Summer Celebration special where you can get 2 three-course meals for $89. I'm not sure when the promotion ends, but here's the link:

        1. The last couple times that I ate at Luma in Winter Park, they had a $35pp prix fixe menu that was outstanding. I think it is for Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights. I highly recommend it if they are still doing the promotion.