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Aug 8, 2008 11:51 AM

Where to find cheap groceries in West LA?

Hi everyone,

I am a grad student who recently moved to West LA to start school. I am looking for grocery stores in the West LA area that have cheap/affordable and fresh veggies and fruits. I used to be in Irvine for a while and used to shop regularly at the Super Irvine store. Are there any similar stores (Middle eastern/international) in the West LA/Westwood area? I have heard there is an area called Little Persia close by so I am hopeful. Has anyone tried Jordan market there?

thanks very much for all your help.

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  1. Any of the kosher markets along Pico Blvd., btw La cienega Blvd and Beverly Dr, will do.

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    1. re: RicRios

      also, santa monica kosher on sm and colby.

      1. re: kevin

        This market has very good prices and interesting produce.

        Top Valu on Inglewood has good prices on meat and produce.

        1. re: noshie

          I like this place but you have to watch for expired food items on their shelves.

    2. elat market on pico near robertson
      Elat Market, 8730 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035

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        I hesitate to recommend it, but Farm Boy on Overland at National or just below.
        The valley store is good, quality and prices. I think the Westside store is a bit higher with slightly poorer quality, but judge for yourself. They also sell amazingly cheap self serve yogurt that people rave about.

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          I second Elat! Great breads and produce, nice fish and spices too.

        2. True, the stores on Pico are cheap, but they are DIRTY and the shoppers are rude. (At 8 months pregnant I was run into with a shopping cart and screamed at by an irate woman). It is almost as if that is not your element, the savings are not worth the bother. Try Top Value on Inglewood and Braddock. It is no Pavillions, but the prices are good and you probably won't get run over.

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          1. re: mayersk1

            You're absolutely correct in your assessment of the Pico stores.
            But then again, the OP didn't mention courtesy as a deciding factor...

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              i used to live near robertson and pico and never went to those stores once. the dirtiest stores and the rudest most inhumane people shop there. there is a produce store (stans?) further down pico across from Pats restaurant that i heard has good produce prices.

            2. Marina Farms on Centinela in Playa del Rey/Mar Vista is a good option for produce and lots of other ingredients that a good cook would appreciate.

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              1. re: glutton

                it should be mentioned, though, that the prices at marina farms for their produce items are generally a little higher than those of a regular supermarket.
                i love marina farms for their quality, but quasiconvexity specifically asked for "cheap."
                elat is definitely cheaper than a chain supermarket; marina farms is not.

              2. For fresh vegetables/fruits at great prices, I like the little Persian market/store on Wilshire at 14th St. Not a huge selection, but its much better quality than what you'll find at most grocery stores. Sorry, the name escapes me. Also Stan's Produce on Pico.

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                1. re: moggy

                  It's called "Tehran Market". My go-to place for olives and feta.