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Aug 8, 2008 11:40 AM

Best food for in-car eating in SGV?

I'm heading east to the Mission Tiki Drive-In in Montclair this weekend. (If you don't know it, it's well worth checking out. So few drive-ins left in SoCal, the home of car culture -- but that's another topic.) I want to pick up food along the way. Any suggestions of particularly good takeout, suitable for easy in-car eating, and not ridiculously far off my route? I'll be taking the 10 from downtown, so that covers a good bit of the San Gabriel Valley.

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  1. You could go to Claro's for Italian Sandwiches and deli stuff, off at San Gabriel Blvd., on Valley Blvd. you could also go to Art's Burgers off the 10 at Peck Rd. also on Valley Blvd.. I think there is a Chicken Box in Pomona for broasted chicken, there is a Hat on Central, just north of the 10 frwy. Chow down baby!

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      variety of boiled dumplings from Dean Sin World. Hand wrapped right in front of you, available for take-out, right off the 10/Garfield.

      Dean Sin World
      306 N Garfield Ave # 2, Monterey Park, CA

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        Dumplings are not car-friendly.

    2. Don't eat while driving. Good grief.

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        No, my plan is to pick up food to eat at the drive-in, not while actually driving.

      2. Get banh mi and Vietnamese iced coffee from the drive-thru window of Lee's Sandwiches on Valley near Walnut Grove. You don't even have to get out of your car.

        1. I think I would grab some In n Out unless you wanted something more unique. There's one on Rosemead and Mission near Rosemead High School