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Aug 8, 2008 11:26 AM

Five Guys - eh

In my recent attempts to branch out at lunch I decided to try 5 guys - a regional (although I guess more than regional now according to its website) burger place that apparently has won numerous awards and accolades. The place always seems crowded so I figured it was worth a shot. I'm really not that impressed. the meat was a decent quality but the cheese was just run of the mill kraft singles or something and the bun was pretty mediocre too. All in all I found it quite reminicent of Wendy's. I should have known after spending an unfortunate amount of time in DC that any place that comes from there and has won local awards there is probably ok at best. Anyone else agree or disagree?

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  1. I agree. Thought the burger was OK. Fries were better, but overall not worth the long lunch line I waited in.

    1. i think 5 guys is awesome. i lived in CA and everyone was hootin and hollering over in and out--that place is so overrated. in and out is fast food, 5 guys is like eating a home burger

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        I disagree, the bun from 5 guys was horrible. Start out good, but then they made it soggied and worsened it by wrapping it in foil. Cmon, really, foil? A hot steaming burger, wrapped in foil? It took about 30 seconds to bring it from the counter to our table and it was already soggy. Definitely skip the tomato and anything else with moisture if you get a 5 guys burger.

        In & Out remains the king. But hey, at least the peanuts were good.

      2. It's fine for what it is -- a fast food burger. If you think of it more than that, you'll probably be disappointed.

        1. it IS a fast-food burger...that's why it makes you think of wendys. In the fancy burger vs low brow burger, definitely fits in the latter category...except, unlike national chains, they don't use frozen beef. Personally, I am always happy with my 5 guys, tho I admit to never having one in ny--only in Virginia where they started out. is it the best burger ever? no way. does it make me happy? yup.

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            Not *fast food* in Edison NJ...Slow food more like it...I was the only person in the place. After ordering at counter,order then passed to the *cook*, who pouinded the daylights out of it, a sorry looking well done burger was placed in front of me. Seven workers, one customer(me)...and it took 12 minutes...No burger taste...None....

            Not for me...,

          2. Five Guys opened in Denver (actually Aurora) a couple of weeks ago and we tried it last Sunday afternoon. I had the cheeseburger and DH had the bacon cheeseburger. We shared a large order of fries. DH wanted his medium rare, but they only cook the burgers well done - silly. The regular cheeseburger was way too big for me. Two patties on the regular burger - one on the kid's burger, so it will be the child's burger for me in the future. The fries were terrific, but a huge portion. We could have easily split a small order.
            Burgers were good and juicy. Cheese wasn't special. Five guys doesn't compare to our local favorites - Steve's Snapping Dogs and Smashburger. Similar burgers but Five Guys comes in third.

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              I always get the "little" burger. It's the size of a regular burger, IMO.