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Aug 8, 2008 10:53 AM

Winnipeg: Lunch Order Help?

I am coming to Winnipeg to do a few lunch and learns, and have no idea who to order from.....can someone suggest a good place? Sandwhiches are the normal lunch and learn fare...


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  1. "Finales" would fit the bill.
    They make great sandwiches and sweets.
    Located at Suite 1-3 St. Mary's Rd (204) 237-6211
    Just over the Norwood bridge from Downtown

    1. I also like Tall Grass Prairie at the Forks for sandwiches. I'm not sure what "lunch and learns" are, though. Will you be in downtown or in other areas? It would be best to give a general area, so we can direct you better in your search.

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        I" think " a Lunch and Learn is when a sales rep or Company representative comes in to demonstrate a new product line/equipment to a group of clients.
        They as a rule will bring or have delivered a sandwich/ bagels/dessert tray depending on the time of the drop-in or the venue for the customer/clients to enjoy.