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Aug 8, 2008 10:21 AM

Donuts on N Broad St

When I was in New Orleans in May I got a dozen wonderful donuts from a place on N Broad.
It was on a corner on the right side as I headed towards the fairgrounds from Canal. I can't remember the name of the place. Can someone help me?

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  1. I think you're talking about Tastee....on the corner of Esplanade & Broad I believe.

    1. You must be talking about Tastee Donuts at Broad and Esplanade. But, you must also have been under the influence of prescription drugs that altered your taste buds.

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      1. re: sirvelvet

        Sirvelvet, donuts are not for everyone, I understand this. But for donut lovers, Tastee's donuts are exceptional as evidenced by the line I was in that day.

        1. re: professor shorthair

          I am a donut lover and I TOTALLY agree with sirvelvet--YUCK!

          1. re: fruitcake

            the difference between a hot donut fresh from the fryer and that same donut even just a few hours later is enormous. it could be that you got donuts at different stages of their lives.

          2. re: professor shorthair

            I know that line well. Right after Katrina, Tastee was one of the few places open in the area where you could get morning goodies. We tried almost every type, including their mardi gras donut and their king cake. I did want to like them, but I just couldn't. After a while, even the kids asked if we could stop buying them. Never could understand the line . . .

            1. re: sirvelvet

              Tastee donuts have always been gross. That's why most of them went out of business years ago. I always chuckle when I see little restaurants in the area in those distinctive tastee shaped buildings with different food (i.e. greek, diner). If you lived here when they were all Tastee's you'd know what I mean.

        2. yeah, i'm guessing it was tastee...but i gotta say, the best donuts i've ever had ever ever were from henry's on st. claude (i think the cross street is madeville) i'm downright religious about donuts and this place gave me a case of the hallelujahs.