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Atlanta Sandwiches

We've been in Atlanta for 4 years now, but we've sampled much more of the higer cuisine of the city. I'd love to know what some of the best local sandwiches are, other than the BBQ (which we do love!). Anyone have to-die-for favorites? We're ITP and don't often drive very far outside the perimeter, unfortunately.

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  1. I used to enjoy Happy Herman's, but, I think it has closed. Havana has great cuban sandwiches.
    Outside the perimeter in Dunwoody is Wright's Deli, they make this super meatloaf sandwich and their turkey salad sandwich is yummy too.
    Vintage pizza in Historic Chamblee, has really good pizza and all of the sandwiches I have tried are very good.
    I do enjoy Goldberg's Deli, but outside the perimeter also.
    Good luck,
    Let us know what you find!

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      It's been a few years, but I've eaten at Wright's Deli a few times and it was fantastic food. Highly recommended. And Mr. Wright is a complete sweetheart....

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        Definitely Goldberg's Deli - sandwiches just like you'd find in an authentic New York deli. There is a location inside the Perimeter at 4383 Roswell Road. It is in the same shopping center as the Fresh Market, about 2 miles inside the Perimeter, just south of where Wieuca Road crosses Roswell Road.

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          And on Chamblee Dunwoody on the W side just OTP (like 100yd).

      2. I thought Happy Herman's was still open, but I haven't looked lately when driving past.

        Definitely Alon's. E 48th St Mkt. Muss & Turner's. Star Provisions.

        For ethnic, there's lots of good taquerias to get tortas from (Los Rayos, Los Compadres, and the El Molino on Cheshire Bridge come to mind). And multiple places to get banh mi- I usually hit Nhu Y Deli, though I've been to Hong's more recently. And I've read about a place in the square w/ Ranch 99 market on AC.

        A good po boy stuffed with fried shrimp or oysters is a thing of beauty, too, but nowhere's jumping to mind to get one.

        1. Flavor Cafe Bakery, 236 Johnson Ferry Road, Sandy Springs - just west of Roswell Road - has a variety of excellent sandwiches. My brisket sandwich today was excellent. The lunch menu shows 17 different sandwiches. I haven't yet tried them all, but I have enjoyed every one that I have tried.

          1. My favorite sandwich in town is the Pan con Bistec at Papi's on Ponce.
            Marinated shaved steak with grilled onions, swiss cheese, a handful of french fries pressed on garlic cuban bread. Does it get any better than that?

            1. I agree with a couple hounders as well:
              Goldberg's Deli is nice ----there is also one at the corner of West Paces Ferry Road and I75
              Star Provisions is killer
              Kool Korner for Cubans
              The Vortex has a great grilled cheese as well

              1. Shrimp stuffed baguette or pastrami reuben at The Tavern at Phipps

                1. my current faves are toscano & son's panini on marietta st - i love the "viola" (mortadella, speck, salami, provolone, tapenade), highland bakery for their curried chicken salad on toasted cranberry walnut bread (highland ave, near glen iris), and best is the DLT (Duck Prosciutto, Roasted Tomatoes, Avocado, Roquette, Lemon Aioli, Truffled Fries) from the Shed at Glenwood.
                  old standbys are Alon's - love the lamb (had a similar sand wich at sawicki's in decatur this spring - very good but pricey), the Vortex for a reuben, or candler park market for a great every day sandwich with zapp's chips and a soda.

                  1. My favorite sandwich is the Turkey Rachel at The New Yorker deli on Pharr Rd. in Buckhead. Sliced turkey on rye with red cabbage slaw and thousand island dressing. When my office was in Buckhead I would eat that often. I miss it.

                    1. My friends have been raving about Havana Sandwich Shop
                      2905 Buford Hwy NE (at the corner of N. Druid Hills)
                      Atlanta, GA 30329
                      Phone: (404) 636-4094

                      The Cuban sandwich in particular has been earning the best reviews.
                      Citysearch said this:

                      The Food
                      Functional, fast and cheap, Havana specializes in top-notch Cuban sandwiches, but also offers tamales, empanadas and exotic sides like yucca con mojo. The special Cuban sandwich plate--crusty, pressed bread containing layers of sweet ham, roasted pork and Swiss cheese--arrives alongside a generous bowl of black bean soup and side of yellow rice. Better still is the boliche, a sandwich made from thinly sliced beef that's tossed with griddled peppers and onions--or the Milanesa, similar to country-fried steak, topped with melted cheese and rings of white onion.

                      1. Happy Herman's was still open this morning when I drove past. Sorry to say Kool Korners is closing or has already closed.

                        Alon's -- Garlic Roasted Lamb Sandwich with red onion marmalade might be the best in town.
                        Las Palmeras -- Cuban is on of the best.
                        Sun In My Belly -- the Meatloaf Sandwich is extremely decadent.

                        Gone but not forgotten:
                        The Banh Mi at Pangea
                        #1 at Fabiano's
                        Oyster Po Boy at French Quarter Food Shop

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                          Add one to the "gone" list:
                          Cuban from the Deli on Ponce (now a tattoo parlor, IIRC). So thick with stuff that the inside never warmed up, despite being grilled. But awesome after a few seconds in the microwave.

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                            I had an oyster Po Boy from Beyond the Bayou that was really good. But stick with that or a salad.

                          2. Henri's turkey & cheese. Although there is nothing fancy about these sandwiches, I absolutely love them. I think the pickles (sliced lengthwise), heaps of mayo and the BREAD are what make it special. Or maybe because when I moved to Atlanta, young & carefree, this was one of the first places I ate. Reminds me of those years!

                            1. couldn't agree more about Star Provisions...the Roast Beef, shrimp po' boy among others
                              Kool Korner for Cuban's on 14th st, same side of the street as Jimmy Johns. It looks like there is no way there can be anything in there but that's part of the charm. The owner is 80 something from Cuba and I've never seen him without a smile on his face.
                              Vortex for melts
                              Alon's for everything

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                                I thought that Kool Korner had closed

                              2. Muss and Turners is not that far and worth a Saturday drive.

                                1. The Havana Sandwich shop burned down

                                  1. Muss & Turner's is on Atlanta Road just outside I-285 in Smyrna and is well worth a trip.

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                                      Vermont Mustard Company. Cumberland Parkway just past the Vinings Publix going towards ATL Rd. same shopping center as Marlow's Tavern...one of the best sandwiches in the city

                                    2. lee's bakery on buford highway for the grilled pork sandwich - only $2.50 if you get it to go, $3.00 if you sit and get served. They also have great smoothies