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Aug 8, 2008 10:11 AM

Taste of Calgary 2008

Has anyone been down yet this year?
Anything worthwhile? notable? must have?

Looking at the online menu, nothing really piques my interest; and everything seems rather pricey, at an average of about 5 tickets (x$0.75 per ticket) per meal item / 3 tickets for drinks/dessert items.

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  1. I agree that it's a little pricey - but we've gone the last couple of years and enjoyed the experience overall. Just avoid the peak times as the line ups can be awful.

    1. that's a pretty short list of restaurants - and not great ones at that. i think i'll pass this year.

      1. I went for lunch today with a friend. We tried the lamb and the calamari from Pegasus, the mud pie from SoHo, the passionfruit slush from *atomic, and the Voyant Chai Cream.

        The lamb was not particularly tender or flavourful but the freshly fried calamari was excellent: lightly breaded, hot, and tender. Mud pie was, like the lamb, rather meh and the passionfruit slush was notable if only for its intense passionfruit taste and ice-y cool in today's heat.

        The Voyant Chai Cream, however, was a great find. Something like Kahlua or Bailey's, but chai-flavoured, it was smooth with a nice peppery kick at the end. It'd be a great in a chai-tini, if one was to make such a drink.

        1. Taste of Calgary has always been about the good times for me, not so much the good food. I'm going down there tomorrow to see what's happening. Will report back if I remember!