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Aug 8, 2008 09:37 AM

Bratwurst on Grill

I am going to grill up some bratwurst this weekend and have never done it before. What would you suggest serving with the bratwurst?

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  1. 2 sons LOVE brats; I mean, they get excited about having it a "guy thing"?...I don't get it but I do like to make them on the grill for them...we braise them in beer and onions first...then finish on the grill. We love having some kind of potatoes with them (we've done hash browns, scalloped, even potato salad) and coleslaw. You could even grill up some corn on the cob, too; we grill corn almost every time we grill anymore.

    1. Many (check you package) bratwursts are allready fully cooked (somehow) so you are heating them through and crisping the surface on the grill.
      I usually garnish with chopped onion and sweet and dill relish, but a suggestion I picked up here of topping bratwurst with kimchi is a marriage made in heaven.

      1. My Wisconsin-born husband insists on Johnsonville brand brats, the original version only, done entirely on the grill, he sneers at boiling in beer first...I think it's like parboiling ribs first, some people do it, some people think it's heresy. (they are completely raw...cook slowly to get them done all the way through. use tongs, do not puncture when turning) We serve them on a large hot dog roll w/ chopped onions. Pickle relish optional. I've served them at a lot of outdoor parties and people , especially men, love them, even those unfamiliar w/ brats. I usually serve typical cookout fare, potato salad, baked beans, fruit, maybe some gazpacho.

        1. How about a hot German potato salad? That goes with brats for me.

          1. In the US Bratwurst are generally a Wisconsin thing, served on hard rolls with German mustard and sauerkraut. Potato salad is a good side dish, as is the grilled corn Val suggested. Don't get the pre-cooked bratwurst, you want the raw fresh Johnsonville ones. You can pre-simmer them in beer and onions (prick the skins with a pin to keep them from bursting), or just cook to completion on the grill.