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Aug 8, 2008 09:35 AM

[DFW] Best Breakfast Burritos/Tacos in D/FW [DFW]

Simple request. Let's start a list of your favorite taquerias/taco trucks/roach coach/fancy place to get a good breakfast burrito/taco.

I would prefer more family run places over chains and inexpensive over expensive. It is afterall a to go (para llevar) dish and good cure for a hangover when you have the munchies the next day.

I would also encourage the folks in Tarrant county to come out in full force on this one! I know there has to be some great places just north of the Stockyards or along 35 south of 30!

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  1. [New not-so-kiddish kid on the block here - please tell me if I breach etiquette]

    Market Street has fantastic big ole breakfast burritos - eggs, potatoes, sausage, bacon and so on. You point at it, they include it. But the only 2 locs I know of are in Colleyville (Hwy 26) and somewhere in Allen(?).

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      Nice first post!! I especially liked that you included the locations!

      I believe the second location is in McKinney with a third currently under construction at Hwy121 and MacArthur in Lewisville/Coppell...actually is is just inside Coppell's city boundaries by one block or so. I know that United owns Market Street and in Lubbock they had great flour tortillas (a bit thicker and heartier) than the Tia Rosa brand.

      Do remember about how much they were? Any salsas (chile to some) that come with? Fresh tortillas from the press, thick flour? Are corn tortillas an option also?

      Thanks for the reply....looks like you reside in the NE Tarrant county will be our go to person now....j/k

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        Arrr.... I haven't been there to eat b'fast in 8/9 mos probably, so I really don't remember the exact price and never knew it anyway by the time I would add a bottle of juice and/or (Peet's) coffee. Sorry. But I will say that all of their meals are very reasonably priced for the quality and quantity - I'd guess the burrito was $4-ish.

        Yes, they had red salsa available, but no, they don't make their own tortillas; although I really like the brand they use. They are thin with a great texture and flavor - white and wheat, but I don't remember corn being an option. They're available for purchase in the store but oops, don’t remember the name – it’s one of those visual recognition things.

        If they’re opening one near you, definitely check it out. They also have other standard b’fast items served cafeteria style, as is their lunch/dinner service.

        Which…. for lunch/dinner, they are different stations offering hot sandwiches/burgers, “blue plate” style plates, made to order pizza and pastas (these are very good given this type of service), soups (try the chicken/green chili!) and a fairly extensive salad bar. I’ve tried them all (stations) at one time or another and have never been disappointed. They also have sushi that’s made fresh daily, but I don’t think the sushi “masters” are there all the time.

        Have you shopped Market Street before? If not, you're in for a real treat when the new one opens. Not as exotic and upscale as Central Market, it's a HUGE upgrade to most of the other large chains with their large cheese variety, Boar’s Head deli selections, baked goods (try the parm/asiago bread), meats and fish – prices are a little higher. They also have a good selection of wine. The other shelf items are in keeping with Kroger and the like and are priced comparatively.

    2. Every time I crave a breakfast burrito, I'll go to El Paisa on I-35 and Whitlock in Carrollton. I think this is their second location with their first being on Harry Hines. The price is very reasonable, and the portions are nice as well. The breakfast burrito combos I remember are "eggs and <bacon, ham, chorizo, potato>" for $1.50, or egg and fajita for $2.00. They have very delicious rice and beans also.

      I have two complaints about this place though. After visiting this place for over two years now, I have noticed that in the past 6 months or so, they've been pretty inconsistent with their quality and portion sizes. Other than that, I really enjoy this restaurant.

      They also have a salsa bar with four different salsas. They also supply limes, pico de gallo, cabbage, onions, etc.

      For the hangover deal, they do serve menudo on the weekends (for this reason I'm guessing).

      For their lunch or dinner, two can easily dine for $10-12 and leave full.

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        Been to El Paisa many time for lunch on Walnut Hill...just never get by for breakfast. Thanks for the tip though. El Paisa in Carrollton is probably closest to my house and handy for those of us commuting on 35.

      2. There's a place in Dallas inside the Shop N Go convenient store (East side of 75 on Fitzhugh next to Thai Noodle and Rice) that has a good breakfast burrito.

        I get the chorizo breakfast burrito and add potatoes in it (maybe $2-3).
        It's pretty spicy and really good, but very greasy (red chorizo grease dripping down).

        I've taken a couple people there who really liked it and didn't mind the heartburn that came with it. Lucky for me, I have yet to experience heartburn and still love the burrito.

        Their barbacoa tacos aren't bad either.

        1. Good topic, Lewisville. I always found the "breakfast burrito" to rather MIA in Dallas. Loads of good taquerias, but not the tex-mex version that can be found on every corner in central and south Texas.

          1. Update - I had breakfast at Market Street on Sat. $4.99 for way more than I could finish. But, the burritos are $3.49/lb (if I remember correctly). I don't remember that they used to charge for (very hot and good) salsa and/or pico, but, ridiculous IMO, now it's something like .39. Choices included the usuals of eggs, breakfast potatoes, crispy bacon, sausage patties and grilled onions. They also had sauteed mushrooms, 2 different herbed (polish style) sausages and some wonderful cheesy potato pancakes.