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Aug 8, 2008 09:32 AM

Places near PA Turnpike to exit 286 from NJ

HI all,
Going to PA Dutch country in a few weeks, We are leaving LI around 5pm and should arrive in Lancaster around (I'm guessing) 9pm Are there any decent choices not to far from the turnpike.

I'll be travling with my wife and 2 year old daughter, so something kid friendly would be helpful. I'm looking for something basic, but good. A decent diner is fine, ethnic is ok too. Please don't make me stop at Roy Rogers as we did with others on our last trip to
PA Dutch country 6 years ago. I mean, I'll live.. but I consider the stops along the way as part of the trip

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  1. If I was making that drive, I'd probably take the very first PA exit after you cross the connector bridge between PA and NJ. It will put you on Rt 13 in Bristol PA. Make a right onto Rt 13 and head south. There are a couple of decent diners. There is also a huge strip shopping center a couple of miles down at the intersection of Rt 13 and Rt 413. I'm sure you can find something better than Roy's there. There isn't much past Rt 413, so if you don't see anything you like by then, turn around and head back towards the Turnpike.

    1. Exit 351 (US-1 towards Philly, the second exit in PA) has some decent stuff too. If you head north on Rt 1 a bit to the Langhorne exit, you'll hit JB Dawsons - great ribs, good selection of salads and sandwiches and other entrees ( There are a good number of chains just off the exit along Rt 1, including Red Robin and - if memory serves - some diners in the nearby Neshaminy Mall area.

      FWIW, that's the same exit to go to Sesame Place... a few miles further north on Rt 1.