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Aug 8, 2008 09:26 AM

Best Thai in Palm beach

I see a lot of post for Broward and Dade but not much for Palm beach so please all the input is welcome

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  1. sadly, there isn't a lot of great thai in palm beach. the best place i know of is Tub Tim, on State Road 7. Food is fairly good, atmosphere and service are wonderful.

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    1. re: zenana

      I love A-1 Thai on Military Trail just south of Forest Hill...kinda divy, but great food IMO.

    2. Thaicoon in NPB/PBG on Northlake is pretty much average. But I'd like to see more Thai recs posted in this thread if anyone else has them.

      1. unfortunately there are no good Thai restaurants ! As a frequent traveller to South East Asia and a good judge of Thai Food, the local places are geared to serving the locals a watered down version of the excellent native food. There just is no comparason to the culinary delights of Asia. Thaicoon is on the very bottom of the list.

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          Please post better options than Thaicoon for the area, b/c I am all ears. Until we have the ability to transport ourselves, I am confined to dining in this area.

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            Two excellent Thai places in West Palm are Wattana Thai at Dixie and Forest Hill and Thai Thani at Summit and Military. Both of these are above average. There is also Thai Lotus at Summit and Congress, which is good, but not quite on par with the first two. A-1 Thai always struck me as the sort of food prepared in a Thai-themed diner on the Jersey Turnpike. A bit heavy on the gravy. In the north county, there is The Lotus (?) in Tequesta, which wins for having the best squid and Tom Ka Gai. Whoever said there is no decent Thai food in WPB hasn't bothered to look.

            1. re: flavrmeistr

              I will have to try Wattana right now Thai Thani is my favorite place just looking for others to try

              1. re: makymark02

                The pla jearn (whole flounder or snapper prepared 3 ways) and the pad thai omelette are two standouts at Wattana.



              2. re: flavrmeistr

                Wattana Thai? You must be joking? I've had some of the worst Thai food of my life there. WT is not even "decent" much less "excellent," although I've not had either of the dishes you mentioned. Unless they've changed hands since I've been there...

          2. I too am a fan of Wattana Thai in West Palm