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Haverhill Beef--Has anyone tried it?

I heard an ad on the radio for this place--it sounded interesting. Has anyone shopped there?


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  1. The place has the best steak tips. It's ailtte pricey at $7.99 lb, but honeslty I stopped getting tips at restuarants cause they just dont compare. The chicken is also very good. They have a wide assortment of marinades they use. I have not had 1 yet I don't like. You should go there and get some

    1. HB gets a Huge 'MEH' from me.

      they rarely, if ever have any specialty cuts and will not cut steaks to order. i've asked for the latter a few times and was told that they'd only cut steaks when the case was getting low. plus, the place smells weird.

      if you're in the area Butcher Boy in No. Andover or Mike's Red Barn in Salem, NH. are far superior IMO.

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        Sorry, but I tend to hold a grudge for a very long time - i.e. forever. We were dining at Butcher Boy Steak house when I felt something funny in my mouth. It was a metal ring like those that close bags of potatoes. I gave this item to the waiter and never heard anything about it. No apology, no manager speaking to me, nothing.

        Ask me when I'm going back.

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          so, "upon receiving Soggy Fries from XXX i will never return...."?

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            Soggy fries are not in quite the same league as something you could choke on.

            By the way, I haven't bought a Chevy since my 71 Vega - the car with the 50 K mile engine, major rust problems and multiple recalls.

            I sure am a picky son of a gun.

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              Butcher Boy restaurant, I think I'd forgive them after a couple of decades! But a 71 Vega, you own that choice!

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                How true.

                Since the Vega, I've owned Plymouth (11.5 years), Chrysler, Ford, Jeep (AMC - 19 years!), Jeep (Chrysler - 11 years), BMW(used - 10/11.5 years), and Honda. Ya, I'm way old.


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          As the new owner of Haverhill Beef, I want to clarify that special request and cut to order are always available. Thanks.

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            Excellent! thank you for the reply.
            will you be carrying any Hangar or Tri-Tip Steak? any Offal?????

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              My pleasure. We will not carry the products you mentioned. If you have anymore questions, please let us know. Thanks.

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                i will be in soon to give your shop a try.

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              It's nice that you are checking in to what people are saying about you. There are a ton of Haverhill-area folks on this and other boards that will be happy to give you a try, particularly if you are responding to comments and requests.

              Also..."butcher boy steakhouse/restaurant"??? what am i missing?

              1. re: merrvally

                Thanks for the info. We will keep checking in.

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                  BB used to have a SteakHouse in Lowell. i don't think it still exists though.

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                    Butcher Boy Steakhouse used to be in North Andover almost across the street where the Beijing Restaurant is. I didn't know about the Lowell location.

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                There's a Butcher Boy in North Andover? I used to frequent the one in Salem NH, but it closed years ago. Where is it?

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                    WOW! A lot different from the store in Salem that was the size of a postage stamp! I guess things have changed up north there..it's been a while (as you can probably tell).

              3. If you click on the link above, there is an ad in the bottom right corner of Haverhill Beef's website that urges you to order your pig for Labor Day pig roasts.

                Once in a while someone posts looking for whole pigs.

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                  At the asian market next door to T&N Pho in Lawrence, you can pre-order a whole roasted pigs. I saw one in thier yesterday that was ready to be picked up and I couldn't take my eyes off it. The kid working the register didn't know to much about the details or pricing, but siad they need a couple days notice.

                  As for Haverhill Beef, the place recently changed hands and is under new ownership. I haven't bought any meat there ina lond time but I do like their lemon pepper chicken.

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                    "I couldn't take my eyes off of it" - hilarious. I wonder how good they are. I'd love to gain some more info, but there seems to be a language barrier in there.

                    Also wonder about their handling of the swine, the store is not the cleanest or most pleasant smelling in the city.

                2. since the reply from the Owner said that special requests would be honored i decided to give HB another try. i asked for two NY strip steaks each about three fingers thick. i don't remember the exact weight but the total for both was $32.00.

                  upon closer inspection at home i was a little concerned about the texture of the beef. it just didn't look right, but i chocked this up to them being fresh out of the cryovac. they did improve in appearance while coming to room temperature on the counter.

                  i started them in a grill pan and finished them to MR in a moderate oven.

                  meh. my concerns about texture were confirmed as these were a little tough (and i do like a nice Chew) and mealy. i'd be interested to know what grade this beef was because i would not be surprised if it was select or no-roll.

                  oh well. i also got some fresh kelbasa and a couple of very nice (looking) porterhouse pork chops that i'll report back on later.

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                    Wasn't there a USDA stamp on the fat edge of the steak? How did the marbling look? If there was little or none it may have been select, thus the chew. How much pp were they? Nice thickness though!

                    1. re: treb

                      the steaks were brought out to me trimmed so i could not see if there was a grade stamp.
                      the marbling looked OK (as you can see in the photo) but the fat didn't seem integrated with the meat and was kinda standing proud, which was the cause for my concern.
                      and at $32 for two, i'd say they were about $16 each.

                      1. re: ScubaSteve

                        The Haverhill Beef web site claims all their beef is "Chairman's Reserve Certified Premium Beef", which is an IBP (now owned by Tyson's) branded beef. Looking at the USDA web site, it seems to be spec'd out at mid-choice.



                        1. re: ScubaSteve

                          Yah, by the look, the marbling looked a bit lean but OK, Not sure about the $32 tag, it made me think that what I see at Butcher Boy looks better.

                          1. re: treb

                            yup, BB is Much Better, but i wanted to give HB a shot as it is within walking distance from my hut.

                            i wanna say that the price was ~$9/lb.

                    2. Stopped going to HB years ago. I also agree with the smell complaint. Did not know there was a new owner. Love Butcher Boy for meat and wine, great selections. Only once has the rack of lamb disappointed. I may give HB another shot, hope it smells better.

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                        I second that: may give them a try, after having bad luck (and a way spoiled case of chicken) from the previous owoner. I live just across the river, and we like to support local businesses.

                      2. one last follow-up:

                        the fresh kelbasa was pretty good. a little smaller in diameter than most but with a fairly fine grind and good flavor. the porterhouse pork chops were excellent. nice and thick with plenty of pork-y flavor, also a bargain for $1.89/lb.

                        1. To update this thread.

                          They've changed management and are now really excellent. When you walk in it looks like they've only got a small selection of stuff in the cases. Don't be fooled. They've got most of their cuts in the back in the cooler. Either call ahead or wait a few minutes for them to go back, cut what you want and bring it out.

                          If you want things like a whole packer cut brisket, or really great custom cut chuck roast for smoking, this is the place to go. Their rib eyes are good, but personally I think Costco's are a bit better.

                          I haven't tried anything but beef there, but the bone in pork roasts look interesting.

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                            I'll have to give it another shot. I hated the smell of the old place and their attitude or outright refusal when asking for special cuts.

                          2. I called a few weeks back to get a particular cut and they said they only ordered it during the summer. They are always so extremely polite and helpful, but I'm not really likely to give them as much business as before, or even at all, I just don't have time to go to two or three different meat places. I really appreciate the service I have received there, but the last time I bought beef it just wasn't as good as it had been before. The biggest issue is that their model caters to people who want standard, popular cuts--steak tips and boneless chicken breasts, and I prefer bone-in cuts and less typical cuts.

                            1. I was in Haverhill this past Saturday, and saw what looked like a tasting going on in Haverhill Beef. I remembered this thread so decided to take a chance- hadn't been to HB with the new owners - and was pleasantly surprised. Nice tasting of shrimp and prepared foods. The floor is a light color, you can see it! And, no smell! Got some steak tips and bacon. The tips were good, the bacon was the same price as Butcher Boy, and also tasty. Not as smoked a Butcher Boys, and thinner. They had Bart's local maple ice cream from western MA, and I'll be back first for the ice cream, and then to try some steak. Really nice people, and a completely different place.