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Aug 8, 2008 08:54 AM

Frozen Soup Dumplings?

Anyone know where (if) to get frozen soup dumplings? My sister loves them and I'd like to give her a big bag full. Anyone know where?

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  1. Hi bhoxie,

    You may need to give up the search. I have tried to find some frozen soup dumplings for many years but there isn't anything that come remotely close to the real fresh ones. The reason is that most of the dumplings in frozen packages have "crackings" on the skin regardless of how thin/thick the skin is, so when you steam them all the juice come out and there is no longer any soup in the dumplings. They also tend to have a "frozen" meat taste in the filling.

    1. I don't anyone or anyplace that sells them frozen. They do not even hold up all that well to take-out!

      1. Frozen soup dumplings don't hold up well. The skins are too thick, and they tend to break and leak out the soup. I once had soup dumplings that didn't crack. But the amount of soup in the dumplings was pretty negligible to begin with.

        But if you must get them, Deluxe Food Market in Chinatown has them.

        And I also agree with scoop that take-out is terrible for soup dumplings. I tried it once, and all of the soup escaped.

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          Miss Needle et al.

          An earlier thread indicated Deluxe Food Market is closed....hopefully just temporarily.

          1. re: fourunder

            Yeah, I read about that. I definitely hope it's temporary. Especially with Dynasty closed now, that was a very convenient spot for me.

        2. I've never tried in NY but when I was in LA, some restaurants let you buy the soup dumpling before it's cooked. They aren't I don't know how long you'll need to hold them for and if that will be a problem. But maybe you could try asking a restaurant selling them uncooked?

          1. I've never tried this in NYC but i know in LA it was possible to ask a restaurant to sell you the dumpling uncooked. This might be a problem if you are transporting them far though. Don't know how restos might react but it's a possiblity if you have to have them

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              raw ones would travel fine but basically have to be consumed in a relatively short amt of time. I don't think there is a good solution to longterm storage.