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Aug 8, 2008 08:15 AM

Natural / Organic in Calgary

Hello all,

The family and I will be heading to Calgary at the end of the month, and would appreciate some recommendations. We have an 18 month old baby, so dining out for all our meals will be a bit much. We are staying downtown at the Westin, but have a car and don't mind a bit of a drive. I am looking for:

1) A place where we can buy some organic fruit
2) Good take out options (either restaurant or grocery type store) that use high quality ingredients (does not have to be organic, but hormone free meat etc)
3) Restaurants that are baby friendly (at least in off peak times) and have good food, again with an emphasis on high quality ingredients. River Cafe is a great example, and we will definitely be going

Price is generally not an issue - thanks in advance for any ideas

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  1. 1) There are many organic fruit options in Calgary, from the organic produce section in supermarkets like Safeway and Superstore, to vendors in local farmers markets like Blush Lane in the Calgary Farmers Market (Blush Lane is also opening its own store around 17 Ave and 85 St SW), to organic- and whole food-dedicated stores like Community Natural Foods, Planet Organic, and Amaranth Foods.
    2) I believe Red Tree and Forage both offer take-away meals that are made from wholesome ingredients with an eye to local sources and sustainable farming practices. Check the vendors inside the Calgary Farmers Market as a number have ready-to-go meals, again with the same attention to high-quality ingredients.
    3) I will defer to those with children for their suggestions about baby-friendly restaurants.

    Cheers, and welcome to Calgary!

    Blush Lane:
    Red Tree:
    Community Natural Foods:
    Planet Organic:
    Amaranth Whole Foods:
    Calgary Farmers Market: