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Aug 8, 2008 07:18 AM


Heading to Kinkead's tonight...any menu reccomendations? And what is the dress code like? Are jeans okay?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Stick to the specials and you'll have a wonderful meal.

      1. Jeans are fine, assuming they are dressy. I would pair modern dark wash denim with a dress shirt, sport coat, and dressy shoes. As for the food, the pepita crusted salmon is delicious! The crabcakes are also wonderful. Enjoy!

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          I second the pepita crusted salmon. I'm still thinking about it. Yum!

        2. Unless the dinner crowd is dressed different than the lunch crowd it is mostly suits. I don't think they would say anything about jeans, but you might feel a little under dressed, as even the restaurant decor itself is a little formal and the clientele at least at lunch is mostly all suits.

          1. The fried Ipswich clams as an appetizer at Kinkead's are the best Ipswich clams I've had in this area. If they're on the menu, I HIGHLY recommend them.

            While you may get away with wearing jeans, I honestly wouldn't recommend it. If you're concerned about the dress code, then you'll certainly feel more comfortable wearing something a bit nicer.