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Aug 8, 2008 07:10 AM

small black olives from Terroni

does anyone know where I can get these tasty morsels or something similar. I had a salad with these little black olives, salty and tasty...the best olives I've had in a while. any ideas or any other good olives? Downtown locations appreciated but I'll take note of anything in case I'm in that area of town.


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  1. I would guess they were ligurian olives. I am not sure if they have these at St. Lawrence Market, but I know there are the very similar Nicoise olives as well as the small and tasty Arbequina olives.

    1. I would assume that they sell them there at Terroni.

      1. Alex Farms sells wonderful nicoise olives at all their locations. Danforth, SLM and Manulife Centre. (I think there is another location, but these are the ones that I frequent) Sometimes they add rosemary to the oil making them even better.

        1. Those are great olives! We recently bought some nicoise hoping they'd be the same, but found they were much milder than what Terroni serves. Haven't found a duplicate yet, but Scheffler's Deli at St. Lawrence Market has a great variety of olives.