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Aug 8, 2008 06:33 AM

Oyamel-- Any recs for what to order?

I'm going to Oyamel for dinner for the first time this weekend. Does anyone have any recommendations for what is a "must" to order and what is best to skip?

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  1. The salads and ceviches are usually very good and very fresh. Last time I had the tongue tacos and they were blah. The service was shoddy, though. I was surprised, because in the past I had not experienced clueless service.

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    1. re: dcandohio

      Get the stuffed poblano pepper with cream sauce and pomegranate.

      1. re: GyroBall

        Yes, we love ceviche so we're really looking forward to trying some there. I've heard very mixed reviews about their service -- from wonderful to horrid, so I'm prepared for almost anything with regard to their staff but I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good waiter.

        I checked out their menu online and, unfortunately, it seems they no longer have the stuffed pepper with pomegranate :(

        1. re: somka

          I didn't have a problem with service the but noise level is there is terrible. I don't usually have a problem with noise in restaurants. I was expecting so much more with the food...was not that impressed. I had two kinds of ceviche there and both were so-so. The cactus salad was interesting...very similar to okra.

    2. I went to Oyamel for the first time a couple weeks ago. I thought the service at the bar and by the floor staff was great. Lucky for you, the squash blossom specials are still available. All the ceviches and most of the other dishes we had we great, including the guacamole. However, the cricket tacos were a big disappointed (WAY over seasoned) and the pulled pork tacos were bland. Overall, it was a very good experience (made all the better by the impressive number of tequilas and mezcal on hand).

      1. The salmon ceviche is a real winner. I am not a fan of their antojitos (snacks) so I personally avoid the tacos, etc in favor of the main meal, even though they have reduced their menu to mostly snacks. You shoul definitely try the rabbit with huitlacoche.