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Aug 8, 2008 06:19 AM

Stone ground grits (SEA)?

Anyone know where to get the non-instant, long-cooking kind in Seattle?

Yes I searched the board first. I've learned I'm assured of success asking here instead of the drawn-out odyssey typically entailed. Thanks hounds.

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  1. Bob's Red Mill makes great corn grits and is available at nearly every grocery store. (Whole Foods, Central Market, PCC, Trader Joe's, QFC)

    1. The very best grits in the country, hands down, are from Anson Mills. You can order them online by going to Once in a while Tom Douglas has them on the menu at Dahlia Lounge, usually as an accompaniment to salmon. They are simply delicious. I highly recommend that you go that route. If you don't want to mail order, I agree that Bob's Red Mill products are great.

      1. Phong - thanks. I agree Red Mill makes great stuff; unfortunately I forgot to specify I'm looking for hominy grits, the white, southern variety. Red Mill does not list hominy grits as one of their products. Corn grits, barley grits, millet grits, soy grits, wow...everything but hominy.

        Wanda - thanks. Again I forgot to specify I'm trying to find them locally. Succinctness is obviously not my forté. Anson Mills looks great, but yipes $8/lb unless you buy a giant 10lb bag?! By the time I finished that, I'd either be an old man or a confirmed grit-hater, lol.

        And so another odyssey is under bump of this thread - maybe someone else has seen them locally? So far I've tried: Central Market, PCC Natural Market, Whole Foods, Fred Meyers, QFC, Safeway, DeLaurenti. See what I mean? Odyssey.

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          i hope i am not shocking you too much by letting you know that 'hominy' is merely corn with its outer husk chemically removed - usually by soaking it in a lye bath. the grits so famous in southern cooking are 100% corn; there is no substitute.

          1. re: howard 1st

            Nope Howard, not at all - I already knew this.

            So having exhausted my patience trying to find anything locally, I did some searching, threw out some other queries and came up with a list of online vendors in the south that sell the traditional white hominy grits. There's just no way I'll start out paying $8/lb at Anson Mills. I've listed my findings below; they all sell traditional stone-ground hominy grits for a much more reasonable price: $2 or so a pound. I mean what kind of rare stone grinds an $8 grit? Are these magic grits? I'll try others first.


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            Another place that carries a good selection of bulk foods is Manna Mills in Mountlake Terrace.

          3. I second that request! I have been looking all over. WF, PCC, Metropolitan, Souk, everywhere I can think of and can't find them. We will probably have to order them from Penzey's or someplace down south.

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            1. re: Jayne Sprinkle

              If you are serious about grits you must check out Anson Mills (link posted by WandaBWild) . You can look all you want around this area and nothing will compare to their hominy grits. So, save your gas and time and hit the internet.

            2. I gave up a few years ago :) I moved here from the south and can't find anything locally that fit the bill. I loved the grits served at Sammie Sue's on Cap Hill, and before they closed I asked their source. It was Weisenberger Mills in Kentucky, and that's where I order mine. In fact, I've even visited them to see the mill in action.