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Great Italian in West Village

Looking for a great Italian spot in the West Village. Someplace that is reasonably easy to get a table. (Not Babbo or Il Mulino)


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    1. re: kobetobiko

      How hard (or easy) is it to get a table there, say, for early dinner tonight?

      1. re: RCC

        Easy. On most nights with two people just walk up and you will have one in 5 minutes max even when it is busy. Larger groups or people coming at a prime time should make a res though.

    2. Go to Po. It's a very popular neighborhood WV spot. Enjoy the fresh pastas too.

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      1. I second Po. Also, Bar Pitti and Lupa.

          1. re: bosun

            Haven't been there in years. Great suggestion Thanks!

            1. re: genghis flan

              It is a simple place, but consistently great.

          2. Crispo, Po, Otto, Lupa

            1. Picollo Angelo on Hudson Street has fantastic food and it is a great value. I think they have the best minestrone soup in NYC.

              1. Have tried so many, but we always return to Po'. It's the standard to which we compare all others. Personable service and wonderfully fresh food. Love it!

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                1. re: aeros

                  Lupa (not easy to get a reservation unless you go early), Crispo and Po would be my favorites.

                2. rocco's on thompson between bleeker and houston