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Aug 8, 2008 05:52 AM

Newark, DE lunch spot along 95

My sister and I are taking a ride down in the next few weeks to the F Schumacher outlet in Newark. It's exit 1A along 95, Newark exit. We will be coming from NJ, taking the Delaware Memorial Bridge onto 95 S and will return the same way. Are there any decent lunch spots not too far off of 95? Would prefer no fast food or chain type places if at all possible. Any type of food is fine except for Chinese. Does not have to be a high end place, but somewhere with gourmet salads and sandwiches would be fine.

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    NJ, Bordentown
    I-295, Exit 57; New Jersey Turnpike, Exit 7
    402 Rising Sun Square Road
    Bordentown, NJ 08505

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    1. re: Tapas52

      Thanks, but we are actually starting out south of there in Cherry Hill and were hoping for someplace in DE after we shop. I have heard the Iron Skillet is pretty good, though. Maybe we'll try it out sometime.

      1. re: mschow

        The Border Cafe is a half mile off of 95 between New Castle (where the bridge connects) and Newark. They have a fabulous salmon salad, good burgers, and homemade corn chips and salsa.

        1. re: bluehensfan

          I can second this - it's a "small" (very small) chain; I'm a salad snob (to the point where I rarely eat them unless i make and wash myself) and they were huge and fresh. Be warned: It seems it can get a little loud at lunchtime, though.

          1. re: bluehensfan

            Third. Love this place. Can get in and out for two people for less than $20 (if you don't partake of their margarita selection). The red pepper sauce on their black bean empanadas is delicious -- nice and garlicky. Definitely your best bet for the 'right off 95' requirement.

      2. Thank you all. That place sounds perfect for what we are looking for. Nice menu too (wish we had one closer to where we are!). I'll report back after we take our trip in the next few weeks.

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        1. re: mschow

          Just be careful getting off the highway and crossing over to the left lane as soon as you merge on Rt. 7 from Rt. 58. Look for the big sign that says "EAT" on the left. If you accidentally go too far, just hang a U-turn at the next traffic light on Rt. 7. Enjoy!

        2. Go into Newark- school's out, but you'll still get the college town feel. It's only a few miles off of 95, and I would highly recommend Klondike Kate's nachos for lunch.