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Aug 7, 2008 08:53 PM

¿ Freeport - Bath recs ?

Can anyone recommend (an early) dinner between Freeport and Bath that would enthuse a grandma, her sister and our two chowish pups? Our interests would include (of course) seafood but not be limited to it I guess. Key for the grandmas would be not-noisy and comfortable. Key for me would be at least *something* not-fried and "tasty" (subjective, I know). As a clue to my taste, I am one of the 'loves-Sarah's' crowd. I absolutely love "crunchy-granola", tasty food, and some of Sarah's menu fits this bill, IMO.

Is there anything "historic" in Bath? A tavern or road house that would be family-ish? Is there anything "healthy" in Brunswick? I guess the aunt isn't so into "healthy"; steaks and road-house food would be closer to her taste. But some of us aspire to vegetarianism, so....*sigh*.

Anyway, I guess it's hard to match our tastes, so just sticking to *yours* would work -- anything *at all* edible in Freeport? Interesting in Brunswick? Bath? Wiscasset is our backyard and Sarah's would definitely work, it just wouldn't be terribly interesting or new for some of us.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. sounds like you're scooting up Route 1. These are all either on it, or just off it. Have you tried Montsweag Roadhouse in Woolwich yet? Extremely family friendly, good chow, nothing too fancy, friendly staff. Right on Route 1.

    Mae's in Bath (the old Kristina's) is excellent, too, but you'd have to check whether it serves
    dinner. It's downtown, at the top of Center Street. Right off the exit (heading south, take the exit up, go left over the bridge and it's on your right).

    In Brunswick, Jessica's Sweet Leaves is wonderful, ultra casual, has toys in one corner. Very good food, with the emphasis on local. Excellent cheese selection and desserts (the chocolate goat cheese is divine). Go straight at the light where Route 1 makes a hard left, you're on Maine Street. Jessica's is on the left, just after the post office.

    1. I agree w/ Mainegal's mention of Montsweag of my favorites in the area. can't go wrong w/ grilled meat selection or fresh seafood. However, it is out of your geographic area of interest today...

      In Bath, consider the Kennebec Tavern...on the water...views of Kennebec River...choice of "formal" dining room or in "tavern" area..."traditional" Maine fish, seafood,plus other options (not sure about veggie options though).

      In Freeport I always recommend the Broad Arrow Tavern. More casual of two restaurants inside Harraseeket Inn. Large menu...everything from wood-oven pizza to steak, seafood, lobster. Yes good veggie options here. Sources locally.

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        I ate at the Broad Arrow Tavern on Friday. It was nice, good pizza and beer and a very pretty, very extensive buffet that 2 of our diners enjoyed.

        1. re: HDinCentralME

          Avoid the Kennebec Tavern. The deck is great, but the food is awful (really, awful!), the service is poor. Did I mention the food was BAD?

          Their "famous" parsnip chips were super greasy. The worst calamari I ever had...ever. The tomato sauce on the pasta was from a can for sure. The pasta was not cooked well. How do you mess up pasta?

          AVOID this place.

        2. If you want a real Maine "lobster shack" experience (and you should), go to Freeport harbor (which is about a 5 minute drive from the Freeport shopping street) and try Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster. Great lobster rolls and plenty of other options to keep the kids and other folks in your group happy.

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          1. re: Delhiwala

            For accuracy...Lunch and Lobster is in South Freeport.

            Further, OP asked for "comfortable" for the Grandmas and with vegetarian option. I would say, by definition, a lobster shack doesn't qualify.

          2. Ooo -- thanks! What great-sounding recommendations! Just what I was looking for. I had looked at a previous post and had zeroed in on sweet leaves already -- nice website! I didn't know about the Montsweag roadhouse but that sure sounds like a terrific option too. And the Bath tavern is probably exactly what will work for the elders. All terrific ideas if not for this trip then for another.

            I think the lobster shack-thing is indeed more informal than we're looking for this time but it's good to know about it for the future. I didn't ever really think of exploring off the main Freeport shopping-extravaganza-drag (which I really don't care for), so again -- thanks!

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            1. re: aliris

              I second the Broad Arrow Tavern in Freeport.

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                Hi Alaris,
                I thought about this for awhile, trying to view it through the eyes of "Ladies of a certain age". If it's a fair day, and they've never been to Cook's on Baileys Island, it's a beautiful ride down Rt 24 crossing the cribworks bridge to Land's End. The views are certainly there, especially at Land's End. The Gift Shop, either before or after dining, should satisfy those with the shopping gene, well at least temporarily! It's certainly loaded with its share of kitsch, but has some very nice items as well. The kids will love scrambling around the adjacent seaside park.

                Again, given a fair day, your guests can choose inside or Al fresco. The food is actually a lot better than some Hounds would be willing to admit and the menu varied. Yes, there is a bit of the blue hair factor here but since you'll be a fellow traveler, LOL, with them........


                BTW, I love Mainegal & HD's recs for the Montsweag, a REAL honest to goodness roadhouse!

                  1. re: Harp00n

                    I've always wondered about that "Bailey's Island" sign off route 1. I'm ashamed to say that in 15 years of summer-travel here we've never detoured that-a-way. I will have to remedy this! Not perhaps this trip but another time. Checking the map I see so many islands in Harpswell -- it must be beautiful. Thanks for the tip.

                    I have to laugh about HD's point that Woowich is out of my intended stretch. Truth is, I have had such blinders on through this corridor that it never really occurred to me to search for food in Montsweag. Obviously I have been insufficiently adventurous! I've explored the Back River and even Nequasset, but never for gustatory pleasures. The road house there sounds like it should be a destination stop.

                    I am adding links to all that was mentioned here for others.

                    Broad Arrow Tavern
                    162 Main Street, Freeport, ME

                    Sweet Leaves Teahouse
                    22 Pleasant St, Brunswick, ME 04011

                    Harraseeket Lunch
                    36 Main St South, Freeport, ME

                    Mae's Cafe and Bakery
                    160 Centre St, Bath, ME 04530

                    Kennebec Tavern
                    119 Commercial St, Bath, ME 04530

                    Cook's Lobster House
                    68 Garrison Cove Rd, Bailey Island, ME

                    Montsweag Roadhouse
                    942 Us Rte 1, Woolwich, ME

                1. Azure Cafe in Freeport is good Italian/seafood.