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Aug 7, 2008 08:41 PM

OC Restaurants with killer wine lists


I'd like to solicit your help in discovering those Orange County restaurants that have the most interesting and excellent wine lists. The lists don't have to be large, pan-geographic, or even expensive, just interesting and thoughtfully chosen. Think - esoteric, rare, boutique, interesting, good!

Of particular interest to me are wines from Francen (especially Champagne, Loire, Burgundy); Germany; Austria; and Spain.

Can't wait to hear what you guys come up with!


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  1. I think the Black Sheep Bistro on El Camino Real in Tustin has an EXCELLENT wine list. It's a Spanish-French restaurant with a great selection of European wines.

    1. Old Vine in Costa Mesa.

      1. Found the wines suggested at Napa Rose to be spectacular in how they were matched to the excellent food. In fact, I thought the range of wines (not specializing in just French or just California) was very knowledgable. They provided a flight of 5 wines for one menu selection that was just plain superb, I thought. The food, the service, the atmosphere was all top notch. In fact, when we sat down, one of their staff came rushing up with a small wicker box filled with tomatoes. "These are heirlooms we're serving tonight," he said, "in a special salad and in one of our dishes." He seemed so proud of them. When I asked where they were from, he said, "Costa Mesa", from one of the schools there. They were, indeed, excellent. Not inexpensive, but not so expensive it took the top of your head off as they do at lesser restaurants.

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          Yes, thanks! I'd forgotten about this one. Michael Jordan, their General Manager (obviously not the former Chicago Bull), is quite the wine connoisseur - and I think either working toward his Master Sommelier, or recently awarded it. And many of his staffers have embarked on the Sommelier certification track, too.

          Keep 'em coming!

        2. In north OC, there's The Cellar and La Vie en Rose.

          The Cellar
          305 North Harbor Blvd, Fullerton/Anaheim, CA 92832

          La Vie En Rose Restaurant
          240 S State College Blvd, Brea, CA 92821

          1. Also, in addition to the above (esp. Black Sheep Bistro and Napa Rose), don't forget about Rosine's, in Anaheim Hills. Amazing wine list (I think) at very reasonable prices. It's clear that the owners of this place love great wine and want their patrons to try them and enjoy them. I love that !

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