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Aug 7, 2008 08:26 PM

Best Crabcake in DC?

I think it must be the crabcake at the Market Lunch @ Eastern Market.

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  1. The Sea Catch in Georgetown makes excellent crab cakes.

    1. CF Folks makes as good a crab cake as I have had.

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      1. re: CDouglas

        Have you been recently? I'm scared about the recent posts of the slide for them. With the old chef, definitely agree.

        1. re: CDouglas

          I agree. The crab cake sandwich at CF Folks is great and not all that expensive. I did read that recent post about it going down hill (and I personally haven't eaten there in months...I live around the corner but work in Eastern Market so I don't get a chance to have lunch there unless I'm working from home or have a day off) but there was only one post about it and no one else mentioned a turn downhill. So I think it's still worth checking out.

          1. re: CDouglas

            I was there last summer and had the crab cake sandwich. It was totally inedible - a disgusting oily patty of bread and nasty crab meat.

            I'm from MD and can appreciate all kinds of crab cakes, but this one didn't hit the mark in any kind of way. Also, my friend's Reuben was pretty disgusting too.

            Perhaps things have turned around since then, but it was such a horrible experience that I can't bring myself to go back.

          2. I love the crabcakes done by the restaurants of GAR.

            1. I hate to do this because I know it will elicit controversy, but The Oceanaire has really delicious crabcakes, no filler and excellent remoulade sauce. Chances that the crab is from the Chesapeake? About 0%....but these are some darned fine crabacakes.

              I remember Bobby Flay doing one of this travel shows a few years ago, and the episode in DC featured the crabcakes at the Market Inn. I have not had them there. Anybody care to comment?

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              1. re: BigEats

                The Market Inn is only worth going to for two things: she crab soup and the $4 happy hour drink specials. Everything else is Red Lobster quality seafood but with an upscale pricetag. If you want a sitdown seafood place, they're the only game in that part of town. Better off going to Maine Avenue and eating something standing up.

                Don't know if it was Bobby Flay, but I did see Paula Deen's boys go to Market Inn on their show.

                1. re: BigEats

                  The crab cake is decent enough at Market Inn but I find it on the small side (I get the sandwich usually) and it seems a little mushy at times. But I've had it a number of times. I personally prefer the crabcake sandwich at CF Folks more.

                2. I love crabcakes and I have been to many many upscale restaurants but by far my favorite cake is from Legal Seafood in Bethesda - weird huh? It has got to be about 90% real crab and their mustard sauce is so good with it. I can't believe I haven't tasted another one better. Most places have too much breading or sauce. Although, I have been to Oceanaire but have never ordered a crabcake so maybe I will try their crabcake next time I go.

                  Speaking of, there is a Bobby's Crabcake in Rockville. Wonder if it is any good??

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                  1. re: travelnurse74

                    Bobby's Crabcake in Rockville MD is excellent. Finally tried it 2 weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised. It was expensive for me, but for $16 or so, I got a crabcake on a sandwich, fries and coleslaw. Delicious in every respect though the cole slaw was fairly bland and needed a little more punch. I always eat my crabcakes with mustard and he brought out a HUGE amount when asked. Apparantly I'm the only one that ever asked him for it! Frenches, only Frenches.

                    Steve R

                    1. re: travelnurse74

                      I agree, Bobby's is one of the best around. Bu they aren't cheap.

                      I actually think the Clyde's-On-The-Walk in Gallery Place offers a great "value" crabcake. It is the regular crabcake on the restaurant menu, but only $7.50 at lunch time, and after 3 pm, they are are less than $5.