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Aug 7, 2008 08:16 PM

Mid priced French ?

We are planning a birthday dinner for a friend who loves French food...unfortunately that usually comes at a cost and we need to keep peoples budgets in mind. I suggested Celestin - but that was too $$.

Any suggestions for something good and not too pricey? Someone at work mentioned Herbs - but I dont know - is that any good?

btw - they must have fois gras on the menu.


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  1. You want foie gras but not too pricey? An oxymoron really.....

    delux serves an app w/ a boudin of rabbit with foie gras in it for $10

    batifole is an affordable french bistro/brasserie, call to see if they have foie as an appetizer.

    does your friend want something containing foie or a hunk of foie seared in the tradtional sense?

    1. I'll second Batifole. One of the cheapest French places in the city, and also one of the best.

      1. Le Select has foie gras.