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Aug 7, 2008 08:09 PM

Best Ice cream or Gelato

The last time I visited I went to some place called the Laboratory in the village that was very good. What other recommendations do you have?

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  1. The place you went to was Il Laboratorio de Gelato, on the Lower East Side.

    For more recommendations, do a search or see this thread, Best Gelato:

    1. Cones on bleeker street is excellent. high zagat rating.

      1. I love ice cream and have tried all sorts of flavors from all types of places all over the city. Many people are partial to the China Town Ice Cream Factory on Bayard, but I find it mediocre at best. Cones on Bleecker is probably my second favourite and I'm rarely disappointed when I go there.

        However, the best ice cream I've come across in the city is unquestionably from Grom. Everything I've had there is rich and flavorful and truly extraordinary; it's all so good that it's totally worth the calories that come from fresh organic custard bases.

        Incidentally, I tried "Australian" for the first time last night (there are locations on 8th St. at Ave. "A", and also on 8th between Broadway and University). I went with friends and got to sample a number of their offerings. I have NEVER been so disappointed by ice cream in my life. I had the strawberry cheesecake flavor that did not taste like anything and had huge chunks of flash-frozen strawberries that were totally awkward to eat. My buddy's vanilla and chocolate were almost equally flavorless. I will never waste my money or calories there again.

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        1. re: cdncub

          I have to agree on Australian Homemade. I tried their chocolate and my friend tried their vanilla at the store on St. Marks the other day. The vanilla was frozen rock hard, but even after warming up and softening, was totally flavorless. It tasted of sugary milk. My friend's Belgian chocolate ice cream was very soft, which she liked, but the flavor was lacking and the texture to my mind was watery, not creamy.

          Although the 8th & University Australian shop in quite close to our home, we'll still be taking the stroll over to Cones or Grom in the West Village.

          1. re: JimJohn

            The fruit sorbets are what is good at Australian Homemade, not the ice cream or chocolates, unfortunately.

            1. re: kathryn

              How is the Manhattan Fruitier? I went there once but, had nothing to compare it to. I was not impressed.

              So does everyone think Grom, Cones and Il Laboratorio de Gelato, on the Lower East Side are good?

              1. re: kopenhavn

                I enjoy all three of them. If you like licorice, that's one of my favorites at Il Lab. The dulce de leche is great at Cones.

                1. re: MMRuth

                  I relish licorice especially strong Italian, Dutch and Danish licorice. Oh yeah!

                  1. re: kopenhavn

                    The licorice gelato reminds me of licorice toffee that I used to get in England and Canada. By the way, if you like salted licorice, I know Dean & Deluca carries it.

                    1. re: MMRuth

                      Great gelato-the owner is Sicilian, I believe, in Chelsea Market.

                      1. re: markabauman

                        Are you talking about L'Arte del Gelato?

                      2. re: MMRuth

                        Oh English toffee style. I have tried Irish Licorice Toffee before. It is quite harmonious if I am in the mood for two flavors toffee and licorice but, I am a purist at heart and soul. Thank You1

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Hmmm, that's funny. My post in this thread went missing after 24 hours.

              I expressed the opinion that the best ice cream in Manhattan is Haagen-Daz, most flavors, purchased in cartons from the supermarket. (It won that spot after the demise of Barton-Barricini's mocha chip.)