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Aug 7, 2008 07:10 PM

Balthazar or Artisanal for Brunch?

Both look delicious online menu wise - trying to decide for brunch this Sunday. Which is better in terms of food and atmosphere?

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  1. I like them both for food. Balthazar is more of a classic French cafe -- Artisanal is more sprawling. Both get crowded but Balthazar is slightly less noisy, where I've been in Artisanal and couldn't hear my friends across the table.

    Since it specializes in cheese and cheese-related foods (spectacularly so), if you're in a cheesy mood, definitely go to Artisanal. It's also in a less-busy part of town; the area arond Balthazar is loaded with tourists on the weekend and you might run into crowds around there. The last time I was in Soho on a weekend, I vowed never to go back. If that's a consideration, then save it for a weekday.

    1. Both are great, I slightly prefer Artisanal because I love cheese and they have an amazing wine list.

      1. I would recommend Five Points, Cook Shop, Prune, Wallse and Stanton Social for a great brunch.