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Aug 7, 2008 07:03 PM

Places that sell Global G-2/MAC MTH-80?

I see Henckels everywhere but haven't seen any of these great knifes around. Where could I pick them up in TO? thanks

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  1. For Global, Nicholau on Queen at Bathurst has a good selection, plus other brands -- possibly Mac too...

    1. Last time I was there Tap Phong on Spadina had a large selection of Global knives... best prices in the city too, should be your first stop for Global.

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        Costco has a set of 8 Globals in a block for $600. They are in a jewelry display case. There may be more than you need, but the effective price is $75 per knife.

      2. Definetly go to Tap Phong to buy your Global Knives,Its the cheapest priced Ive seen around the city.

        Nicholau is a ripoff avoid going there.Nella would a better choice.

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          Thanks for the heads up guys! definitely heading to Tap Phong tomorrow. Hopefully they also carry some hattori HD knives.

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            Try Paderno for MAC. Full line is mostly special order but they are available. Window shop/tire kick at Williams Sonoma for Global, Shun and others. Best prices are online.

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              tap phong is decidedly low end. It's furnished like a dollar store, so no chance of Hattori there. Their selection of global knives are limited, but the essentials are there (chef's, pairing, bread).

              There really aren't any places in the city for Japanese knives beyond Global & Shun. I suggest you purchase from the following....

              http://www.paulsfinest.com (montreal


              http://www.korin.com (nyc, you just missed their 15% off all knives sale



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                I've found that TP doesn't have their full selection of Gobals on display. Went last year to pick up a less-common Global for a friend - forget which one it is now - who couldn't find it in the Maritimes. They didn't have it hanging up behind the counter, but when I asked for it, the woman helping me pulled it out from a big box of various Globals beneath the counter.

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                  Good to know. Have only ever seen a lonely but nicely-priced G2 in TP.

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                    Don't think that just because Tap Phong has 3 Global knives up on display, thats all they have.Just ask they lady at the counter which Global knife you want and she will get it for you from under the counter.They might not have all the knives,I just recently bought a Global G-2 $104.00 with tax,but they did not have the G-11 model sashimi knife.

                    I wish the had other brands of Japanese knives.

          2. http://www.thecooksplace.com/products...

            Sometimes they have 20% off knives; got a MAC there last summer on sale.