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Aug 7, 2008 06:58 PM

dinner dilema baltimore

We have a rare chance to go out to dinner next Tuesday evening. We have a short list of places we have not been to yet. Any comments would be great to help us make our decision. They are:

Woodberry Kitchen
Ciao at quarry lake

Any input or another newish place that would be worth a try would be a great!

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  1. I'm not sure on this but Samos may still be closed for their summer holiday on Tuesday.

    1. Based on what you have listed, I would have to go with Woodberry Kitchen. Food is very good, and the surrounding area is worth the trip. From their front porch/dining area, you can see the coolest pool and condo complex I have ever seen. You cannot believe you are in Baltimore. Inside is bustling and busy, but yet organized. Not sure what you're expectations are, but expect a high energy, always moving atmosphere. Things can seem out of control, but the pace and consistency of our meal was near perfect.

      If you're thinking Fells Point area for Meli, take a look at Peter's Inn. Their food is really very impressive and the atmosphere is great IMO. Prices are reasonable, and if your dinner gets pushed back a night, Wednesday is 1/2 price wine by the bottle!

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        Samos is scheduled to be reopened and is fun and great. Dogwood on 36th is better than and less showoffy than Woodberry. Skip all the others but Meli is a worthwhile stop if you're already on foot in Fells Point for a bar nibble.

        1. re: chowsearch

          We went to Samos. What a great place. We had the saganaki cheese and greek sausage with fetta for apps. Both good. Then had the sampler platter (souflaki, gyro, dolmades, spanikopita, and roasted veg.) Very tasty and well seasoned. Will be back as soon as posible. Thanks for the input.

          1. re: cakeguy

            glad you liked, that's the kind of place that makes b'more great