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Aug 7, 2008 06:30 PM

Raw food restaurants (Santa Fe / ABQ)

Can anyone tell me if I can find raw food or vegetarian restaurant in Sante Fe or Albuquerque??

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  1. Mama Pacha Raw Vegan Cafe
    1722 D Saint Michael's Dr, Santa Fe, New Mexico (87505)
    Tel: 505-501-9937
    Also Body Cafe has a few choices of raw vegan food:
    333 Cordova Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87505
    Tel: 505-986-0362

    1. There are four vegetarian restaurants in Albuquerque - Thai Vegan (pretty good), Green Light Bistro (haven't been, looks so-so), Annapurna's Vegetarian Restaurant & Chai House (same owner and building as GLB, and, in my opinion, not very good, but quite a few people love it), Fei Health Cafe - Chinese vegetarian fast food (lots of fried stuff, but OK-tasting considering the dearth of veg restaurants here). La Montanita Co-op has very good vegan and vegetarian food in their deli section. The selection changes daily and it's better some days than others. Occasionally they have raw dishes. I love their raw marinated kale salad. They have very some good vegan desserts and a nice raw cacao-date pudding, too. 20 Carrots Cafe (or is it 40 Carrots?) across from UNM is often listed as vegetarian, but it's not and it's pretty bad and not too clean.

      Rawvegandude, can't believe I didn't know about Mamapacha. I will be trying it very soon. Thank you.

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        where is green light bistro? I was at the Annapurna in the N valley today --is it in the same building as the University Annapurna? if so it must be new...

        40 or 20 carrots closed but there is a newish vegan/veggie place on the same block called mint julep (or something like that)

        1. re: jjdot

          I think it is no longer in business. I think the info from ninrn is out of date. I lived in ABQ since August 2010 and never saw nor heard of that restaurant. 20 Carrots Cafe is also no longer in business, however it was in business when I first arrived here. The new place is called Mint Tulip and it is close to where the 20 Carrots Cafe used to be. It is only open during the day except for Friday when it is open until 9pm.

          1. re: jjdot

            Sorry, my information was out of date. Green Light Bistro has gone out of business. It wasn't adjacent to the N. Valley Annapurna, it was next to the one in the University area. I lived in that area for years, but I guess it's been a longer time than I realized since I've been on that block. It appears to have closed at some point in 2010.

            Glad to know the Carrots place has been replaced by something new and genuinely vegetarian.