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Aug 7, 2008 06:15 PM

Best Food Neighborhood in Baltimore

We will be in Baltimore on Sunday and Monday. Which is the best neighborhood for us to try a few different great restaurants. We will probably want a few dishes from a few different places and would really like to get the "feel" of the area. Can I get any recommendations?

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  1. Probably Canton, which is just east of the more well-known but touristy Fell's Point area. Fell's Point has its good spots too, and, for those more fleet afoot, in walking distance of Canton. I'm sure oodles of Hounds will chime in on this post to give their favorite spots. You'll probably hear about Hampden, Federal Hill and the nascent Hamilton scene, but Canton and its environs (including Greektown) is your best bet because of its compactness.

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      Canton is pretty much one or two square blocks, and unless you are looking for average to pricey bar food I think you will be disappointed (minus maybe Mama's and Jack's - which you prob wouldn't find unless you were looking for it).

      I would walk Fells Point to Harbor East. Good mix of pub grub, seafood, latin, Italian and upscale - with a little bit of Greek, Japanese and Indian thrown in.

    2. a maryland staple, steamed blue crabs, Obrycki.'s in Fell's Point, Blue Moon for Sunday Brunch in Fells Point

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        I totally agree on walking from Fells Point to Harbor East. Lots of good little spots in between. Have a beer at Woody's Rum Bar and take in the view. Grab a bite at Kali's Mezze or Pazo. If you are in the mood for pub food got to Duda's. Have a glass of wine at Cinghiale in Harbor East to cap off your evening. If you are driving, Pazo and Cinghiale both have free valet.

        Enough with Blue Moon, seriously. It's not good at all. Get a box of Captain Crunch and make french toast with it, if you want to see what their "signature dish" is like.

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          Agreed! Get yourself to Jimmy's instead. If there are people waiting, you'll be sitting down in 5 minutes, not 45.

          Fells Point has the widest variety of restaurants, from fine dining to casual sit down meals to some really great pub food. Walking distance to Harbor East and Canton are a plus too!

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            I agree with gregb re Fells Point, exc food in many cuisines and price ranges. harbor east has top-notch food, but not as diverse. I agree with Torohead re canton, and it's a couple of miles from Greektown.

      2. Mt Vernon is also a great food neighborhood: Great Ethiopian, Thai, Tapas, Sushi, Indian, the best beer in Baltimore at the Brewer's Art (the rosemary garlic fries are a must-have with a goblet of Resurrection), lots of great neighborhood bars (Dionysus, Club Charles), and even high-end favorites like Abacrombie and Brass Elephant. You can easily make a walking tour of this neighborhood with its beautiful architecture, museum, symphony, opera, and Peabody.

        Mt. Vernon is called the "Cultural District" because of all of these things/places, but also has a thriving nightlife, including great restaurants and even a dance club.

        Go to the 13th floor of the Belvedere for a cocktail and the best view of the city. The may have a live band for you to dance to. It's a great way to start or end your evening.

        Be aware that many places are closed on Mondays. You will have to plan ahead for any Monday night adventures. I think Elizabeth Large's blog on the Baltimore Sun had a listing of places open on Monday....

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          Lots of places are also closed on Sunday. Make sure to do your homework.

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