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Aug 7, 2008 05:48 PM

Very exciting - lots of new bar and restaurant openings in MontCo

My husband and I took a drive last weekend and noticed a ton of new restaurant openings in the area.

New Alison restaurant in Fort Washington, where Maritas Cantina used to be
New wine bar on Butler Ave in Ambler (yay!)
Fin McCools bar and restaurant opening at the old Wyndham Hotel in Ambler
Bridget's restaurant is expanding
They are making progress at the old Broad Axe tavern in Blue Bell (they are doing such a great job on restoration, its going to be so nice)
Solaris Grill (I think an outpost of the one in Chestnut Hill) is opening in Center Square, across from Center Square golf club

Has anyone heard any updates on these openings? This is so exciting, we really need some more good restaurants in the area. I can't wait until everything is open.

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  1. Do you know what type of place the new Broad Axe is going to be? I know originally it was supposed to be a belgian beer bar but that fell through.

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    1. re: amblerdude

      I heard "New American", not quite sure what that means. a Belgian bar would have been great there!

    2. Looking forward to the new Alison and Ambler wine bar. However, one Solaris grill is too many IMHO.

      1. Is there a sign up at Alison's Two (Too?) yet? We drive by frequently and have been surprised that there's no mention of what's coming (although Chowhounds keep us in the loop on these things...)

        1. Well my resturant expert in the area(Smile)I thought I would get a response from you to my request for SATURDAY LUNCH IN BLUE BELL AREA~~~~~~~

          Do you know what is in the building where the Old Johnny Cross"s was? Hear there aree two restarunats there~~~~~ Have you been to the restaurant across from the BLue Bell(Something Horse) IF so what did you think~~~~~

          Also there is a new Italian restaraunt where PLATE was in the TOWERS(Formerly Cedarbrook APts) Someone might have already mentioned it one here as I have not scanned the posts~Same owners Fountainside in Horsham~


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          1. re: jazziellen

            The building where Johnny Cross was houses a Japanese/Korean restaurant (can't remember the name). We were there on a weeknight and the entire (huge) place was empty. Food and atmosphere on the Japanese side were okay.

            1. re: JanR

              Asuka/Gaya - we were there on Mother's Day and business was slow. Our server was just wonderful and they have great kimchi but otherwise the food was mediocre at best. Both Korea Garden and August Moon have their flaws but both are better than the place. Still we owe it one more try before we take it off the rotation permanently.

          2. hopefully the solaris at center square is more focused than the chestnut hill location...that place is such a consistent dissapointment among CHer's and anyone i talk to who has is always average at best and the service is a diaster