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Aug 7, 2008 05:30 PM

Tucson recs. near Omni Hotel

My boyfriend's SIL will be in Tucson for 1 night on business and will be staying @ the Omni (Tuesday Aug. 12). I plan on driving from QC to meet her for dinner.

Anything worthwhile near her hotel? My BF is working so I will be solo and I would like to make the drive as short as possible. We plan on an early dinner (5 or 6ish) and any type of cuisine, except Mexican, is fine. Budget is $30 - $40 per person and neither of us will be drinking.

FYIY, I say no Mexican because she is Hispanic and she is an AMAZING cook:)

Any help is appreciated, Thanks

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  1. Wildflower in Casas Adobes at Oracle and Ina (5-6 miles from the Omni) is very good, as is Tavolino (in the Safeway center across the street from Casas Adobes). Wildflower is a Fox Restaurant, with very good food in a hip but calm location. Tavolino is very fine Italian, but very reasonable. Either will let you eat well, without alcohol, within your budget. At your time you may not need a reservation, but it'd be safe to have one.

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      Thanks lawyerbriefs :) How about Bluefin Seafood Bistro? Saw it in the same Casa Adobes Plaza.

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        I thought I replied earlier. Bluefin is also good.

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