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Aug 7, 2008 03:23 PM

6.75 oval or 7.25 round?

Help! I'm looking to finally buy a largish le creuset oven and can't decide between the oval and round. I have a 5 oval and 5.5 round but need something for larger cuts of meat. I don't want both oval and round larger pots as they probably won't get used as much. Any advice?

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    I myself went for the 7.25Q round, because I will mostly be doing stovetop cooking. (and at the recommendation of the majority of chowhounders on here...)

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      it's a tough call, but i would have no trouble recommending the oval either, I don't think you can go wrong either way. i generally use it for braising, searing on the stovetop and then putting it in the oven at low heat

    2. Hi deirdrec, I have both oval and round smallish le creuset pots (though I'm not sure of the sizes - perfect for feeding 2). While I love the oval for oval-shaped meat (whole chickens, lambshanks, baby hams) I find the round pots do best on the stovetop, since they heat more evenly on a round stove plate. So when I also finally invested in a big pot (it's the size of a stockpot!) last year, I went with round. I use it mostly for stews and soups.

      You say cuts of meat are your cooking priority. How are you cooking them - pot roasting or oven roasting? If the latter, go with the oval.

      Since you listed frequency of use as your primary concern (rather than cost), consider getting a large oval pot and a large round buffet pan. The latter is round and shallow, but comes with a lid. It's marvellous for chicken pieces, stirfrying, pan searing, curries, paella, and braising meat up to 4-inches high/thick (it is shallower after all).