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Aug 7, 2008 03:19 PM

Best Chocolates?

Every year I buy my wife a nice box of local artisan chocolates but this year I'm going to be in Bethesda (home is Los Angeles) until the day before our anniversary.

Where is the best place to buy some nice chocolates/truffles from D.C. or Bethesda. Actually it can be anywhere that is accessible without driving.


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  1. ACKC in 14th st. Metro to u street, dupont or metro center and walk. its yuuummmyyy

    1. My favorite overall are Leonidas. They have a shop in Georgetwon that receives them fresh every week from Belgium. But not locally made, obviously. Leonidas is most famous for their pralines (in fact, I am convinced there are none better), but they have three other types of chocolate, all excellent: ganches, truffles, and buttercreams.

      The only great locally made chocolates (and this includes Kingsbury chocolates on 14th mentioned above) I've had are from Artisan Chocolates in Arlington, VA. The sea salt caramels are extraordinary,. The others selections are astonishingly beautiful. see link below.

      Another very good local outfit is located on M St. in Georgetown. A fairly new place called Belusa, I think. Pretty creative stuff, high quality, but nothing to knock your socks off.

      1. There's also Biagio, which has fabulous stuff. It's on 18th St and an easy walk from the Dupont Metro stop on the red line.

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          I heartily concur with the recommendation for Biagio. They carry a great variety of bars and filled chocolates. They have a locally made line of chocolates produced by "Chocolaterie Wanders" that are absolutely wonderful. I've also enjoyed the chocolates made by "J Chocolatier" and "Christopher's Confections," two additional local chocolatiers. Biagio also carries a selection from Artistic Confections.

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            OMG a friend shared some of Wanders today - WOW. and while I'm not huge on sweets I do recognize quality. Makes Godiva look like Halloween candy.

          2. re: chocolatstiletto

            Hands down, Biagio...Passionate and knowledgeable staff. I love going in there. No matter what kind of mood you're in, you will leave with a smile

          3. oh, and for what it's worth, I've purchased chocolates at ACKC as gifts, and they do a lovely job of packaging them up. They also have lots of other chocolate-themed gifts. As a plus, they have a lovely cafe, too, that's worth visiting. I was there the other day - a very hot day - and the lavender lemonade was wonderful.

            1. Another vote for Artisan Confections. Small (not much more than an ordering area), local shop with phenomenal looking (and tasting) stuff. My parents just gave us a box for our anniversary and the salted caramel and aged bourbon chocolates were awesome.