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Aug 7, 2008 02:30 PM

Need help ordering Wine...

I have my 10 year Anniversary dinner coming up shortly. We will be going to Bouley, EMP or Del Posto.

My wife and I admittedly know very little about wine. What is the best way to order wine that will accentuate our meal?

Will a good restaurant recommend glasses of wine to go along with our different courses?


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  1. Your best bet for sure is to ask your waiter. All three have good wines by the glass. If you get a tasting menu, you might go for a wine pairing.

    For what its worth, of those three I'd choose EMP--by a mile!

    1. If you are not wine-savvy, I think it's always best to work with the restaurant's sommeliers. I have not been to Bouley or Del Posto. However, being very familiar with EMP, I can say with absolute certainty that Sommelier John Ragan and his staff, who recently won the James Beard Award for Best Wine Program in NYC, will provide you with excellent assistance in choosing wines (either a bottle or pairings by the glass) which will perfectly complement the food you order. All the sommeliers there are very cordial and will never make you feel uncomfortable because you are not knowledgeable.

      1. I agree with the posts above. I think the main thing is not to feel intimidated or self-conscious when you talk to the waitstaff or sommalier about wine.

        Tell them the price range of what you'd like to spend along with what you plan to order. Ask what they'd recommend to meet those requirements. There's nothing wrong with telling them you know very little about wine, and would love their suggestions.

        In the meantime if you have a bit of time before then, try to figure out what kind of wine you do or don't like. Even if it's an $8 bottle from Trader Joe's, you can explain to the staff that you generally like "x" but not so much "y".

        Bouley or EMP will bend over backward to make your entire experience special - I'm not convinced Del Posto would do the same.